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[Expires: 01 Oct 2019] Fish Oil 1000 mg

90 Capsules

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Our pure, highest quality, food-grade fish oil provides natural levels of EPA and DHA (two essential

omega-3 fatty acids) and can help to supplement a balanced diet, especially for those who are not

great fish eaters. Fish oil also contains other natural nutrients, including carotenoids and

tocopherols. Ethically sourced from clean seas, our fish oil is formulated to support a healthy heart,

arteries, brain, eyes and joints.


Fish oil, Gelatin shell, Glycerol, D-alpha tocopherol stabilizer.

Each capsule provides



Fish Oil



EPA (Eicosapentanoic acid)



DHA (Decosahexanoic acid)



90 capsules per container (1 capsule per day).

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