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Complete Cleansing Formula


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VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse contains high concentration of pure Aloe Vera Extract. Aloe Vera is one of the oldest mentioned plants on history record due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It speeds up removal of waste from our body to prevent toxins build up which will slow down metabolism and eventually leads to weight gain, poor bowel movement, bloating, fatigue, bad breath and poor complexion. VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse is also rich in enzymes that helps with cell regeneration and packed with natural occurring nutrients such as polysaccharide and amino acids, making it the ideal supplement for a healthy body and glowing skin.

Complete Cleansing Formula

  • Aids digestion & promotes bowel movement
  • Helps to promote better blood circulation & removal of residual intestinal waste
  • Helps to relieve bloating & water retention
  • Reduces toxin accumulation in the body
  • Revitalises skin & helps improve skin complexion

Suitable for Vegetarian

GMP Certified Product

Why is detoxification necessary?

Environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits affect our body's ability and efficiency in clearing accumulated toxins; as such we need to take detoxification product such as VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse to get rid of accumulated toxins naturally and effectively.

What is the difference between home-cooked aloe vera and VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse?
VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse is concentrated at room temperature and dried at -38°C to retain the bioactive ingredients. In contrast, high temperature during cooking destroys the bioactive ingredients in aloe vera. This means you have to consume large amount of home-cooked aloe vera to achieve the effects of one capsule of VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse.

Can diabetic or hypertension patients take VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse?
Yes. VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse helps diabetic patients to reduce blood sugar level. Bioactive ingredients can assist in regulating blood pressure for hypertension patients.

Can I lose weight with VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse?
Some people may experience weight loss as detoxification helps you to clear accumulated toxins (such as built up faeces and excess body water). However, VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse is not a slimming product. To burn excess fat and lose weight, you can consume slimming products such as VitaRealm® Extra Strength Fat Burner after your detoxification regime.

Are there any side effects if I consume VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse for long term?
So far there is no side effect found as VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse is derived from 100% pure aloe vera. For long term consumption, it is recommended to reduce dosage.

How long does VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse takes to work?
Generally, VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse works within 3 days. It rapidly relieves constipation and the bloated feeling in the abdomen. After completing one full course (30 days), your digestive system will be enhanced and your body is cleansed of toxins. You will feel more alert and energetic with improved skin conditions.

Should I take VitaRealm® Ultimate DetoxCleanse before or after food?

You should consume it after food.

Aloe Barbadensis Extract

Capsule: Vegetable Capsule

Take 1 - 2 capsules, once to twice daily on empty stomach.

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Introduced in 2014, VitaRealm® is a functional health supplement brand developed to meet the increasing demand for quality and effective supplements. VitaRealm® supplements are made with finest ingredients, manufactured with USA’s advanced technology under strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

When it comes to product development, VitaRealm® upholds the principle of all natural without additives. We promise to only bring top-grade health supplements, providing you with assurance on safety and efficacy.

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