Optical Goggles BK 5.0

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View TCV510 Optical Goggles BK 5.0

Universal fit for all shapes and types of faces, the smart form and superior design make the V510 compact goggles a real winner. Equipped with all the features that come standard in the VIEW goggle range, the V510 also has an adjustable nosepiece.

  • Universal Fit size
  • Anti- Fog
  • UV Resistant
  • Silicone strap
  • -2.0 to -10.0 Diopters available


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About View
Since 1952, VIEW Swimming has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality goggles, training aids and accessories for competitive and recreational swimmers. Innovation fuels our passion and leads to quality products.
The ISO certification provides independent assurance to develop and manufacture innovative equipment to the highest international quality standards.

View TCV510 Optical Goggles BK 5.0


Corrective Lenses

The VIEW corrective lens system is offered on several styles of goggles. This unique system allows the user to choose right and left lens powers in both +/- diopters for maximum flexibility and for a custom fit. VIEW was the first manufacturer to pioneer this design.

Super Anti-Fog

VIEW's Super Anti-Fog treatment provides long-lasting protection against fogging caused by perspiration and heat. Wetting the inside of the lenses before use creates a film of water that ensures a clear field of view and allows the treatment to work effectively.

T.P.E. Seal

VIEW's hypo-allergenic T.P.E. seals provide maximum comfort and water-tightness over extended periods of use. The T.P.E. seals are not sensitive to the skin and are able to be manufactured in numerous color combinations, unlike surgical grade silicone.


VIEW's UV Cut technology provides superior protection from harmful ultraviolet (U.V.) rays. Increasing exposure to U.V. rays which damage the skin and eyes has become a serious problem. U.V. protection provides greater eye protection during outdoor use.

Super Anti-Fog treatment / UV Cut protection / Compact size / Cushion seal type face pad / Simple conversion to VC4A corrective lens
BK (Lens:SK)
BL (Lens:BL)

How to choose Prescription Lenses / Eyesight and the SPH value

optical 1-1.png

Step 1: Test the sample lenses starting with the weakest SPH value, using the chart as a guide.

Step 2: Move your eyes around and choose one that does not cause discomfort.

Simple method for measuring your SPH value.

Hold a book outstretched in your hands and move it towards your face. When your eyes can focus on the letters, stop and measure the distance (cm) from your eyes. Divide 100 by this distance, and you will get your nearsighted SPH value.


If the focus distance with the naked eye is 20cm, then the eye refraction rate is


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