Corded Ear Plugs

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View TAVA1201 Corded Ear Plugs

  • It is made of Silicone
  • Ear plugs with cords that can be attached in two ways.


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Reasons for wearing ear plugs

Be it on holiday, during the weekend, or on a weekday – nothing beats swimming with your kids, spending a whole day in the water with the sun at your back and afterwards an ice cream, naturally. Can we give you a tip? Give your child our Junior Ear Plugs, special earplugs that prevent water from entering sensitive children’s ears. Our Junior Ear Plugs ensure you all have a blast in the water. Naturally your child can still hear normally. Our earplugs are designed in such a way that the child does not have the sensation of being shut off completely from the outside world. And do you also suffer from water in your ears? Or can you not put your head completely under water due to a rupture in your ear tube? Then use our earplugs for adults!

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