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True-Mass 1200

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Taste not as good as Ture mass originalReview by law
Taste not as good as Ture mass original...... (Posted on 6/11/16)
Best Mass Gainer. Review by Eddie
Got my BSN True-Mass 1200. (Chocolate) & it taste wonderful. Wont leave you bloated. The only advice is, always use a blender for this.

Highly recommended for Hardgainers & only FitLion have this in store. (Posted on 5/5/16)
The product was goodReview by John
It's effective and taste great,and the price is reasonable for the effect of the product. (Posted on 4/17/16)
AWESOMEReview by Jay
Gained plenty of lean muscles in a short period of time:)
(Posted on 2/18/16)
Delicious!! LOVE FitlionReview by HAO WEI
This is not tasted like any other protein products I had before. It is overwhelmingly delicious!!! like the real ice cream melted.. (i bought vanilla flavour) WOW

Though I mixed it with Mass Tech Vanilla flavour. Both of them are delicious.

Very competitive price, quality brands and products, wonderful designed website(love the credit card payment web design), extreme fast delivery(on my second day of purchase), now even got special promotion.
(e.g. Two Mass Tech tub for S$110 the cheapest you could ever find in SG, US price per tub $40 usd originally you can get but have to pay expensive delivery fee, GNC singpaore sells outrageous $180 per tub!)

I love this company in Singapore. Simply the best!!! Fcck GNC is just a joke. (Posted on 12/23/15)
ExcellentReview by Aaron
Finally managed to order True Mass 1200. Been out of stock for quite some time.

Definitely worth the wait. Ordered vanilla & strawberry. Taste wise the Vanilla was amazing. Actually managed to taste the oat in their blend.

Do expect to feel slightly bloated although it is normal (not as bad as serious mass by ON).

Definitely highly recommended for those particular about taste. Will follow up on this review for the gains. (Posted on 12/13/15)
OK. Will probably stick with the normal True MassReview by DW
* Always use a blender, otherwise it will always be lumpy.

* high calories intake for hard-gainer
* taste is fantastic

* make you feel more bloated than using the normal True Mass
* hard to mix, have to use a blender (Posted on 11/9/15)
Still one of the top mass gainer product aroundReview by Adriano
This product taste just nice, not too sweet compare to other mass gainer product. It come with a huge scope. However, does not mix so well with water. Clumpy and powdery if you didn't shake well. (Posted on 9/1/15)
OOSReview by Shaun
Oh come on bring it back man. This is the bomb but it is always out of stock (Posted on 6/5/15)
Keep it coming!! I need IT!!Review by Fan
Stock running out fast. (Posted on 5/12/15)
wonderfulReview by js
tried 3 different types of mass gainer. this is by far the best in terms of cost and taste :) (Posted on 4/8/15)
not gudReview by kelvin
useless (Posted on 4/6/15)
Finally after a long wait I've managed to purchase my True Mass 1200!! Please ship in more of this gainer because it seems like its not the best one just for me, but for a lot of others too! (Posted on 2/5/14)
bring in moreReview by Azhal
I wonder if you can bring in more? Because this mass gainer is like biscuits. One minute you see it, another...gone!! 5 star for the product and 1 star for the production. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Best one yet!Review by E.J
Of all the mass gainers I've tried, this one has the most growth and tastes great! BSN should make a 15lb bag! (Posted on 12/28/13)
Best mass gainerReview by Andy
Fitlion pls pls stock this more!!! One minute in stock n next minute out of stock.. Coz this is the best gainer and that only Fitlion have it in s’pore!! (Posted on 12/4/13)
Good Mass gainer for the priceReview by Marcus
Just finished a pack today. taste is good, slightly clumpy with the bottle, dont really like the shaker thing. though totally worth the money. funky stuff inside the mass gainer though, like peanut skins or something. gained 10lbs roughly above my normal average. Quiet filling, normally would be full for 1 - 2 hrs.

Chocolate Milkshake. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Living up to the taste reputation of BSNReview by Cravis
Got my TRUE-MASS 1200 today. order Chocolate. The taste is so good! I'm completely satisfied with this gainer really you can't ask for anything more! The free BSN shaker looks really awesome too! This is going to be my main gainer from now on. Highly recommend. (Posted on 8/31/13)

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