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Great product, never before!Review by Nic
Taken this product recently, and on the first week, I lost approx. 2kg plus on a calorie deflict and a cut in diet. I gym 2-3 times per week and with just some light cardio and running, this product gives hell lots of boost throughout the workout. I manage to push through at least 2.5hrs of workout in the gym. This is just insane! Would recommend people on a cutting phase to try, results proven! (Posted on 11/17/15)
Bad Experience.Review by MLM
Purchase last week and had bad feeling after taking the first pill (only 1).

Heart rate was high and couldnt sleep at night and feeling damn heaty even drank alot of water.

Stop taking & throw away it as I read some bad review abt this in Google(UK) for serious kind of health issues(heart/kidney diseases)

Please think. If you really wants a permanent weight loss do a decent exercise programme and dietary plan. (Posted on 10/30/15)
ExcellentReview by Jeevva26
Tried one bottle and it works for me pretty good. Loss my weight from 105KG to 97Kg. (Posted on 6/18/15)
This is awesome!Review by Amexnn
I give it a try and I gotta its simply one of the most best fat burner ever!! It boosts my metabolism as days goes and also I realise that after taking this fat burner, I find myself more often working out & it gives you some special pumped up feeling whenever you're doing! Finally, whenever you eat a pill about 10-15mins before workout, it gives you extra energy. I love it!! :-) (Posted on 3/4/15)
Great fat burnerReview by Ariela
Not sure about the energy part as I consume this along with my pre workout, but it's the best fat burner I've tried so far without crashes or jitters. The thermogenic effect is pretty strong but at an acceptable level. All in all, I love this product :) would purchase again if it's back in stock. (Posted on 11/16/14)
Great ProductReview by Chris
I've used these before back in the UK and so glad I found them again. I really wouldn't advise taking these on an empty stomach upon waking. I wouldn't take any tablets at that time, whatever they may be.
However as a pre training booster... WOW.
I'm quite tolerant to these now so I take 3 tablets around 30/45 minutes before a training session...
The energy and drive they give is intense and unlike any other product I've taken.
If you think you can take these, sit on the sofa and shred fat..... think again. If you add them to a decent exercise programme and dietary plan.... I reckon this product will give visible results in a very very short time!! (Posted on 6/27/14)
burning in the stomachReview by YU
According to the instruction given, i took 2 capsules on the waking with empty stomach, however later i felt a strong burning feeling in my body especially for the stomach part.

Talking about the effect, i dont really feel the "energetic effect" during the exercise, but it may be because of my workout is too heavy.

all in all, still waiting for the effect :) (Posted on 6/6/14)
Helps with weight lossReview by Putra
Can't really feel the thermogenic effects, maybe got used to it after a while. Lost 6kg in approx. 3 weeks on strict keto. Decent energy, pretty even throughout instead of the short bursts you get with MP products.

4 stars because the bottle can be a bitch to open some times. Careful not to spill the pills everywhere. (Posted on 2/24/14)
weight lossReview by Abdul hanif
I've lost 9kg in a mth, without strict diet, only some cardios and running twice a week... i myself cant believe it... (Posted on 1/30/14)
Beast Mode All The Way!Review by Tyler
I got this fat burner after watching reviews on YT, previously i was taking hydroxycut pro series ignition stix and before that hydroxycut pro clinical.
I'm on keto and train fasted.
i took 2 capsule 30 mins before my Insanity cardio sessions as a pre-workout, this stuff is off the charts!
My energy level was super crazy!
i can feel the heat in my core, definitely recommend this for someone looking for a good thermogenic pill.
Thx for bringing in this product in. (Posted on 9/14/13)

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