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[Expires: 27 Jun 2019] Flaked Aniseed Myrtle

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Aniseed Myrtle is found in the sub-tropical rainforests of the Bellinger and Nambucca valleys in northern New South Wales, Australia where it grows up to 45 metres high. There is little known about the traditional aboriginal uses of Aniseed Myrtle, but we do know that during World War 2, it was used to create an energy boosting tonic. Uses include teas, drinks (it can make a great post-meal digestive – as the French do – when combined with a spirit!), syrups, glazes, cakes, biscuits, dressings, sauces and ice creams.


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Aniseed Myrtle

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The Australian Superfood Co

The Australian Superfood Co has created a unique range of food products richly infused with Australian native bush food; a powerful, diverse and exciting superfood group that is so rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they set new global standards for nutrition and taste.

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The Lime Coconut Burst Granola contains zesty Finger Lime which has three times the Vitamin C of a mandarin, as well as plenty of folate, potassium and Vitamin E. Supporting stars include Kakadu Plum, which boasts the highest level of Vitamin C of any fruit in the world and Quandong, which is bursting with magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

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