Clean 'N' Green Detox Tea Temples

15 per pack

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Kale smoothie, wheatgrass, ‘avo on toast’, been there done them all.… now for the cleanest greenest tea ever (in our opinion!). A super combination of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and dandelion leaves which help cleanse your body- treat your body to the spring clean it so richly deserves. Refreshing and slightly sweet tasting this is delicious hot or cold. Cleanse, detox, it does it all. Ommmmm!


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How does it taste?

  • Light, slightly sweet, refreshing.
  • Good if you're feeling blobby and bloated.

How we like it...

  • Hot in winter, over ice in summer.
  • Clean n green sets you up perfectly, with its super combination of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and cleansing dandelion leaves packed full of antioxidants.

What's in it?

Lemongrass, ginger, green tea, liquorice root, coconut pieces, dandelion leaves, lemon peel, natural flavourings, marigold flower petals

Nutritional content per 100ml

  • 1kcal
  • trace sugar
  • 0 fat
  • 0 carbohydrate


    Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts

      Brew time

      • Tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

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