Portable Charger CP-V5A/B

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Power Bank 5000mAh 1.5A PlaAnti-Scratch plastic Housing Black


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Power your devices with a high output current of at least 1.5A for fast charging. LED indicators on all models and some of them have a 4-level indicator so you can check at a glance the remaining charge. With the high power output, selected models let you charge multiple USB devices at a same time, or simultaneously charge your Portable Charger and your device using the pass-through function.

· Built-in 5,000mAh2 Lithium-ion battery

· Retains more than 90% of its capacity at approximately 1,000 charges

· Provides up to 2 smartphone charge

· 4 LED Battery Indicator

· Recharge time of 6 hours (via AC1) or 12 hours (via USB)

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