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Best mass gainer so farReview by Alison
its super effective. lol. always liked chocolate flavor. also taking amino 2222. best brand so far. Optimum Nutrition! (Posted on 2/27/16)
Best Mass GainerReview by Samuel
32 scoops of mass gainer, for $75. This is unbeatable value - $2+ for 25g protein and 125g carbs. Tried both vanilla and chocolate flavour and i must say i liked the latter more. The vanilla taste decent but as you continue drinking you will get bored of the taste. Chocolate, however, literally tastes like cocoa, think ice chocolate. Of course it's still a matter of opinion. Mixability is EXCELLENT. You'll probably never find another mass gainer with such amazing mixability. With proper workout, i can easily gain 1-2kg within the first few days, and i'm an ectomorph. However consistency is key if you wanna see legit gains. If you're not eating right and think this is enough, you're wasting your money, like i did the first time. Overall this is an excellent value for money start for ectomorphs to start bulking up when they gym. (Posted on 1/17/16)
Gentle on the stomachReview by Pete
This is by far the best mass gainer as it doesn't make my stomach bloat as badly as other Brands. Gained a good 5-6 kg from completing one bag. (Posted on 12/17/15)
Not That Good.Review by Jeff
Tried the chocolate one.
taste 6/10
mixibility 4/10 (shaker bottle with ball), lots of clumps.
does not helps me add on weight, but maintaining my weight only. (Posted on 12/12/15)
goodReview by Will
a good mass gainer please bring in the stock fast ive been waiting for well over a month for chocolate/vanilla (Posted on 12/10/15)
Great choiceReview by Eug
Able to gain from slightly underweight to slightly overweight. Now im going to start cutting (Posted on 12/7/15)
ReviewReview by Jun
tried many gainers, butr this product was the best, good taste, mix well & 3 weeks, gained 2 kg already! (Posted on 12/4/15)
ReviewReview by An
I love this! i gained 6kg in a month and i would recommend anyone who wants to gain mass to get this. I only hope that there are firesale for this product though (Posted on 11/22/15)
ReviewReview by Fiq
I've used this for 1 months, your muscles feels full all the time! gained 5kg in 1 month! I tasted strawberry and banana before, strawberry makes you feel like you just ate your medicine, banana taste great! Looking forward to taste the chocolate. (Posted on 1/27/13)

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