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Ronnie Coleman

King Whey Protein Crunch Bar

12 /box
Triple Chocolate Brownie

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Oven Baked To Perfection.


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  • 20G Whey Protein
  • 6G Sugar
  • Oven Baked
  • Gluten Free

Is your current protein bar so tough it’s giving your jaw a workout?

KING WHEY Protein Crunch Bar™ uses a unique soft-baking process that creates a cookie like center topped with crispies and candy bar flavor drizzle.

Only 6G sugar, soft-baked center, 20G protein from pure Whey…No wonder it’s the KING

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  • 08 Nov 2018, 1:26 PM



    Rich taste and fudge like texture - felt like I was eating a brownie, without the sinfulness.

  • 03 Sep 2018, 9:46 AM


    Sports Nutritionist James

    Coated with chocolate all over the bar, this protein bar tasted very close to what a snicker bar would. It also has an added advantage of not having any caramel stuck on your teeth, and is gluten free. This review originally appeared in a blog article by Sports Nutritionist James Yeo (Bsc, PN2) on

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