Protein FX

Aussie Bodies Arvo Bar

1 Bar

Code: P006-0009

No artificial colours

8.3g Protein*

3.1g Carbs*

1.6g Sugars*

*Average Quantity Per Serving


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We have combined a protein fudge centre with a thick layer of caramel and nuts for the best tasting protein bar. Low on sugars and carbs this is the ultimate protein packed snack on-the-go.

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Protein FX Range

Protein FX Aussie Bodies is Australia’s No 1 Protein Brand. The Lo Carb protein bar range provide a seemingly decadent but guilt free chocolate-coated sweet treat that is low in carbohydrate and offers a useful transportable and convenient source of protein.

Lo Carb Whip’d range

The Lo Carb Whip’d Range is inspired by ice cream flavours and whipped into a delicious smooth soft centre. With only 100 calories and less than 3g carbs these bars are irresistible

Lo Carb Original

The Lo Carb Original offers the perfect portion controlled protein bar snack. Try the many delicious flavours.

Lo Carb Fibre Crunch

These low carb protein bars are packed with superfoods, provide around 14g of protein, have less than 5g of carbs and no artificial colours or sweeteners! The bars are coated in delicious chocolate and contain a blend of protein crisps, nuts and flavour inspirations, to make an indulgent low sugar, low carb snack.

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