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planFIT FAQs

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR planFIT (auto- delivery subscription plan)

  • This convenient and cost-saving planFIT programme is available only to Fitlion members. Register as a Fitlion member or Login, to enjoy planFIT’s low subscription prices.
  • You may create as many orders of planFIT as you wish. All planFIT orders earn proFITS (cashback) just like everyday orders. There is no limit to cashback.
Products available for auto-delivery are listed in the Subscribe-&-Save catalogue. Browse the catalogue and select the products you wish to have for auto-delivery.
After the selection of products, you will be directed to select:

Please note that changes to the delivery date/time slot are subject to availability. We are also unable to change the delivery details on the day of delivery.
i. Auto-Delivery Frequency (how often do you wish to receive the products) – monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or every 4 months;
ii. Number of Auto-Delivery (how many times do you wish to receive the subscription order) – you may select a minimum of 3 auto-deliveries up to a maximum of 12.
You are able to select the preferred date and time-slot for your auto-deliveries. Your selected date and time-slot will be fixed for all the auto-deliveries in your planFIT. Should the delivery date fall on a Sunday or Public Holiday, the affected delivery would be rescheduled to the next business day, during the same time-slot.
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