How To Earn$

You will receive up to 5% proFIT$ off your purchases at Fitlion. This will be automatically calculated and displayed as you shop. ProFIT$ earned will be credited to your account when your order is shipped.
You can earn 2x proFIT$ on your first purchase during your birthday month. If your birthday month is in December, all profit$ earned will be brought forward to the following calendar year and can be redeemed within that following calendar year.
From time to time, we offer upsized proFIT$ and limited-time proFIT$ for special occasions, promotions and events. Don’t miss out on these offers, look out for our emails in your inbox.
As a beneFITTER, you earn up to 5% of proFIT$ based on the final purchase amount. ProFIT$ will be calculated based on the final purchase value minus any promo code, proFIT$ used, delivery charges and/or other discounts.
There is no limit to the amount you can earn. The more you shop, the more you proFIT. However, do remember that all proFIT$ earned will only be stored for a calendar year and must be used within that same calendar year.

How To Use proFIT$

You can start using your earned proFIT$ on your next purchase or you may wish to accumulate your proFIT$ for later. Purchases can be made with any combination of proFIT$ and cash payment. You may indicate the proFIT$ amount you wish to use upon checkout.
All proFIT$ earned will be stored for the current calendar year and can be used during that same calendar year. Any proFIT$ earned in December will be brought forward to the following calendar year and must be used within that following calendar year.
Earned proFIT$ and exclusive proFIT$ rewards offered from time to time are for your personal use and non-transferable.
You can find your proFIT$ balance under “MY ACCOUNT” tab.
proFIT$ can be earned on almost every purchase, with very few exclusions. Excluded products and purchases will be clearly marked "Not eligible for proFIT$ reward". You can however, still use your proFIT$ to make the purchase.
You can use your proFIT$ on any purchase except for delivery/shipping charges and taxes.


When a cancellation order is received after it is invoiced, any proFIT$ earned from that purchase will be taken back and not be issued again.
We do hope that you will stay with us for life as the membership is for life. However, should you wish to cancel your membership, you may email us at sg@fitlion.com. You may wish to note that, any or all unused proFIT$ will be forfeited upon your cancellation.


If a partial or full refund from a purchase has been given, the proFIT$ earned from that purchase will be deducted from your account.
If the initial payment was made in cash, any approved refund (partial or full refund requested) will be returned in terms of proFIT$ only. If proFIT$ were used for that purchase, then the proFIT$ will be credited back to your account.
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