About Fitlion

About Us

Launched in 2007, Fitlion is the leading sports nutrition and accessories distributor and online retailer, offering world renowned brands and premium products with superior service of convenient next day delivery or self-collection. Distribution and online sales have been expanded to Malaysia, Myanmar and other regional markets.

 As the Singapore & Malaysia official distributor for prestigious brands – Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series and Mutant, Fitlion customers are assured authentic and quality products at great value.

100% home grown and 100% owned by Singaporeans, we are passionate about health and fitness, and believe that keeping fit and staying healthy should not be a chore even in fast-paced and time-starved Singapore, for everyone in the family.

We hear many of you bemoan that it is not easy to juggle work and personal commitments with making the right choices in what you eat, use and do, not to even think about staying fit and fabulous.

With you in mind, Fitlion is reinventing itself as a curated marketplace for health, fitness, wellness and beauty. The only one-stop-shop featuring an extensive but carefully selected range of international and local brands, products, services and resources for men and women, young and old, Fitlion is the go-to for everyone to be well in the body and mind.

Join us in this exciting new journey to discover what moves you, (and grounds you too, in making the right choices). Help us build a community of friends with the same passion in health and fitness. Share with us your favourite products, tell us what you think and like to see on the new fitlion.com. Contact Us

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