About BeneFITS

beneFITS is a Fitlion membership programme that rewards you with credits, called proFITS, to spend whenever you shop at Fitlion. With a one-time free registration, you will become a Fitlion beneFITTER for life.

To welcome you as a Fitlion beneFITTER, you will receive an $8 Promo code off $38 purchase as our gift to start shopping immediately. (w.e.f 1 Jan 2019)

The more you shop with us, the more you will proFIT!
The more you proFIT the more you beneFIT!
You will receive the the promo code via email immediately upon successful account activation. The link for the activation of account is sent to the registered email upon successful registration. (w.e.f 1 Jan 2019)
Membership is FREE for life, absolutely no hassle of cancelling free trials, and paying hefty fees for yearly renewals! All you need to do is to register with us at Fitlion only once. Following which you will receive a welcome email with an activation link to confirm your registration and create your profile. Then, you are on the way to more savings, special promotions and offers, exclusive events, members-only privileges and more!
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