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Oral Botanica Kids 15ml


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A premium formulation oral care for your infants, toddlers and children.


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A premium formulation oral care for your infants, toddlers and children. It is a liquid toothpaste made from 100% organic botanical oils to:

  • protect your child’s teeth from cavities
  • protect the enamel and facilitate re-mineralization
  • maintain healthy gums
  • freshen the breath

The kids love it.


Taste: combination of sweet fennel and lemon, very pleasant flavour

Anti-microbial effects

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal



  • 100% organic oils (almond, spearmint, myrrh, lime, lemon, and fennel)
  • No synthetic chemicals

Lasts for: approx. 3 months consumption per bottle as a toothpaste

Suitable: can already be used when teething starts

Not suitable: for a child with nut allergy (almond oil) or mint allergy (spearmint oil)

Delivery Details

- Product delivery will be carried out by Botanica Culture International Pte Ltd thru SmartPack within 5 working days from the order date

- Customer may contact Botanica International directly @ 9113 3394 (Dr Ubbo) on any queries regarding delivery or after sales follow up.

Organic Almond oil, organic peppermint oil, organic myrrh oil, organic clove oil, organic spearmint oil, organic tea tree oil


2 drops on wet toothbrush to replace toothpaste. 2-3 drops in a half glass of water as a mouthwash.

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