Things You Can Do NOW to lose Weight

Fri, 22 Feb 2019
The Lunar New Year festivities are over, and we're fast approaching the last month of the first quarter! How is everyone doing with their resolutions so far?

We were going strong in January, screaming all “WE'RE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR” but things happen, and we understand – you broke up with the gym, stopped running, and the kids or your job are not making life easy. It's okay, things happen, and we want you to know that we're in this together.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:

We’ll share 3 things you can do NOW to help you lose weight, without even touching the gym.

How about that?

1. Exercise at home

One of the reasons to not exercise, would always be time constraints - the gym is out of the way, the class' scheduling doesn't fit yours or you can't afford the time to join certain classes. Let us introduce to you some exercises you can do at home and in a shorter time span, to cut down on time needed for your workout!

Start with fundamental small-space movements like push ups, squats (or chair squats),skipping or high-knees and go at your own pace. It is recommended to do a 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest ratio for each exercise to make up to a minute, but you can adjust according to your fitness level! Aim for a minimum of 5 minutes for a start, and work your way towards 30, or even 45 minutes! Once you’re done, you can head to the showers!

Turn any area in your home into your work out space with a thick workout mat, skipping ropes or resistance bands. These suggested fitness accessories are effective in giving you a total body workout, while convenient to be kept aside in a drawer.

2. Find ways to move more

Okay, so exercising may not be an option for you. Let's convince you into incorporating more movement in your day, so that you're clocking in more steps without feeling it.

Some ideas for movement are:

- Climb the stairs back home or to the office or head out for lunch instead of ordering in. Listen to your favourite tunes while doing so to make the process more enjoyable!

- Use a smaller bottle at work, so that it encourages you to get up more frequently to refill it with water from your pantry. Blender Bottle has a colourful array of 20 Oz shaker bottles that liven up an office desk, while fulfilling your re-hydration needs.

3. Optimise Your Diet

Some of you may not be able to get much movement, so perhaps reducing the amount of daily calorie intake might be the way to go. That being said, it doesn't mean that your taste buds have to suffer!

Here are a few clever tricks to fuel your day while not sacrificing the foodie in you:

- Filling half your plate with vegetables allows you to get more volume of food in while keeping calories reduced. Think of savoury roasted vegetables with perhaps a drizzle of MCT Oil as dressing (MCT Oil has also been known to help promote weight loss as it helps to maintain satiety when consumed - The feeling of fullness in the body)

- Make small simple switches in your daily habits such as swopping soft drinks for alternatives such as Asmara 100% Natural Beverages that help improve overall wellness. Another idea would be reaching out for Organic Sun-dried figs for a sweet tooth fix instead of sugary confectionary.

- Consider healthier savoury snack alternatives such as IPS Protein Chips - Non-fried and comparably tasty at 50% less fat, and higher protein content!

- Eat more, but smaller portioned meals throughout the day to help stave off hunger pangs. On the go? There's always protein bars for a quick fix.

- Meal portion control is key to knowing how much you are consuming. We really overestimate how much food we need to eat in order to function at our peak. With jumbo snack packets, we often continue to snack or eat without knowing how much we've consumed in one sitting. Consider getting a lunch box to portion out food that you'd consume throughout the day in order to keep things in check.

   Written by
   James Yeo, Bsc, Dip.ISSN, CISSN, Pn2
   Sports science trained sports nutritionist. Hitting your fitness goals one       oreo at a time, because you don't have to eat clean to look good nor win       your competitor.
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