Ways to Make Yourself Work Out, even if You Don’t Feel Like it

Fri, 07 Sep 2018

Tips on how to motivate yourself!

Getting yourself to the gym may be too time-consuming for some, especially since urban schedules leave you little time for yourself. You can definitely transform your body by creating a workout routine that suits your lifestyle. For example, by working out at home or outdoors.


Once you’ve established your workout routine, it may start to feel a little monotonous. Don’t worry, even the super fit hit a fitness slump occasionally. Fitlion provides you with some tips on how to muster the motivation to exercise when you don’t feel like it.

1. Get a Cute NEW Workout Outfit

Putting on a cute new workout outfit motivates you to exercise. You’re not going to plop yourself back on the couch after getting your workout clothes on. Find something that makes you feel amazing, whether it’s monochrome or multi-coloured!

Fitlion has you covered with Funfit’s Active Capris , available in various prints and colours, it suits a diverse range of styles and personalities.
Funfit Bodyism Cotton Sports Bra is also perfect for low to med impact workouts, it is quick dry and moisture wicking and has removal paddings.

2. Exercise in the Comfort of your Living Room

Want to bump up your fitness level? Fitlion recommends products to build your flexibility, strength, and stability as well as endurance.

For Flexibility and Balance:

The BOSU (both sides utilized) ball adds a little extra oomph to your workout! The rubber dome on one side and flat platform on the other adds instability, forcing you to work your core during the workout. BOSU workouts aid in improving strength, flexibility and balance.

BOSU Blue Home Ball is available on Fitlion in both pink and blue. Any exercise performed on the ground may be adapted to amplify the challenge and increase results. Anybody can use it, regardless of fitness level.


For Strength and Stability:

The Kamagon Ball Evolve is a unique core stability product that supports functional training. The Kamagon Evolve is filled with water to adjust the weight creating a "hydro inertia" that recruits a greater number of muscle fibers when performing the most basic to advanced exercises.

For Endurance:

If you’re big on running but can’t stead the Singapore’s heat, a treadmill is home equipment you may want to invest in. The Cybex Treadmill is equipped with a suspension system to precisely match the body mechanics of running.

3. Adopt a Fitness Buddy or a Fitness Posy

On days you’re feeling completely unmotivated to get your butt to a gym on your own, a fitness buddy or posy definitely helps. The words of encouragement, laughs and high fives build confidence to complete your workout.

An exercise partner can help keep you accountable and increase your motivation to push yourself during a workout.

4. Create a Fun, Fitness Friendly Playlist

Upgrade your playlist for fresh new tunes that'll keep you working out longer and harder. Listening to music while you work out can elevate you mood and motivates you to exercise harder and for a longer period of time.


You are also more likely to push yourself when the music is upbeat and energetic. Music makes you feel good! Who doesn’t want to feel good while working out? Create a fitness- friendly playlist to amp your fitness routine.

Complementary to your fun playlist, Fitlion offers earphones ideal for your work out. SONY In-Ear Earphones Sports Earphones pumps up the low end for powerful rhythms that drive you to give your best every time, whatever the workout.

Visit Fitlion’s online store for more information and product recommendations.

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