Top 4 Supplements to Beat the Haze

Tue, 17 Sep 2019

Top 4 Supplements to Beat the Haze

Haze in Singapore (Year 2019)


The haze season is back again. Other than escaping to the far regions with pristine air quality, you would have certainly felt the effects of the haze if you're staying put in Singapore.


Individuals equipping with N95 Mask while air quality in Singapore hits unhealthy level


With the air quality in Singapore hitting an unhealthy level in the past weekend, what are the other measures you could take aside from prepping yourself with N95 masks and cutting down outdoor activities? Research has shown that we can protect ourselves optimally through a healthy diet and the smart use of supplements to provide resistant to the inhaled pollutants. Further, neutralizing the adverse health effects of the haze.

Without further ado, Fitlion is here to share with you the top 4 supplements to beat the haze this season!



1.       Fish Oil - Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Fish Oil contains a high concentration of Omega 3 Fatty Acids


According to clinical research by the United States National Institute of Health, ambient pollution can lead to an overall decrease in heart rate. Children, elderly or individuals with lungs condition would need to take extra precaution as the decline in overall heart rate may subject to higher risk in cardiovascular events.

Hence, studies suggest that omega-3 pro saturated fatty acids from fish oil can help to blunt the adverse effects of pollutants from the haze. Modulating the induced oxidative stress, improve your immunity against toxins and prevent the overall decrease in heart rate.


Fitlion's Recommendation:


Halal Cod Liver Oil - High Strength


Brand: Links Nutritional

Product: Halal Cod Liver Oil High Strength


2.       Apple Cider Vinegar Pills – Antioxidant


AApple Cider Vinegar contains antioxidants which can help to fight free-radicals in our body.


Antioxidants are also known as the body's best defence against free radicals and other pollutants caused by the environmental factor. Now that the haze is back, it is time to juice up on antioxidant supplements to fight the inhaled toxins.

What's better than prepping your body with one of the best superfoods in the world? Yes, apple cider vinegar! Quality apple cider vinegar contains antioxidant that supports your body's natural detox reaction to unwanted toxins. Apple cider vinegar can also help to dissolves the mucus in the throat and reduces inflammation.

Are you appalled by the intense taste of raw apple cider vinegar? Not to worry, these Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills from Ora Organic will do the trick!


Fitlion's Recommendation:


Ora Organic - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills


Brand: Ora Organic

Product: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

3.       Multivitamins - Vitamin A, C & E


Multivitamins can help to reduce overall risk of chronic conditions


With the heavy pollutants in the air due to haze, inflammation in our throat and lungs would undoubtedly be common. Hence, dosing down on just antioxidant supplements to fight the battle of the haze would never be enough. Supplementing your body with Vitamin A, C & E can help to improve your overall antioxidant defences.

A study conducted by Yale University researchers has found that vitamins C and E work together to keep lung tissue healthy. Daily supplements of both build up levels of a protective protein that prevents enzymes released during inflammation from destroying the lung's elastic properties. Furthermore, Vitamin A can help to protect your eyes, lungs and the oxygen-carrying capabilities of your bloodstream.

Not getting enough vitamins from your diet? Are you looking for the easiest way to get your Vitamin A, C & E through supplements? It's multivitamins, of course!


Fitlion's Recommendation:


Centrum Advance - Multivitamins


Brand: Centrum

Product: Centrum Advance 100's

4.       Selenium


Selenium can provide a boost to your immunity


According to clinical research, researchers have concluded that selenium supplements can help to enhance your body's protection against free radical damage, support the healthy cardiovascular and immune system.


Fitlion’s Recommendation:


Nature's Farm - Selenium & Vitamin E


Brand: Nature's Farm

Product: CoQ10 50mg + Selenium + Vitamin E 60s

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