5 Best Ways to Meet New People Without Compromising Your Healthy Lifestyle

Thu, 23 May 2019
If you've ever googled "how to make new friends in my 20s/30s?", or "why is it so hard to meet new people as an adult", or "dating app fatigue"; you're most definitely not alone.

So many people strive to be successful at work, at times at the expense of your health and social life. Slowly, you witness your social circles getting smaller with each gathering. People relocating, getting married, having new hobbies, drifting apart with time, etc. As that circle grows smaller, so do your opportunities to connect with new friends and potential love interests via a friendly face.

How can you meet other like-minded individuals amidst your busy schedules then? Read on for 5 tried and tested tips to meeting new people who fit your health-conscious lifestyle -

1. Drag your existing friends along

First of all, do your best to stay in touch! Your current social circle(s) are a great starting point as you already have a comfortable relationship with them. It isn't about texting them 24/7; but, all relationships require real effort to maintain. Are you willing to put in your share and build on those meaningful relationships?

2. Discover your passions

If your schedule allows for it, attend events to meet new people. Whether it is a networking night for designers, an music appreciation evening for creatives, upcycling workshop, or a block party over drinks - people who attend these sessions are typically open to meeting new people. This makes it way easier for you to say hello or for someone else to make the first move.

3. Smile and do what you love

Identify the type of people you'd like to connect with. People that you'd be actually interested in getting to know and maintaining a connection with. What are some activities that you have made a part of your life? For example, do you hit the gym every other day, or go boulder at your an indoor climbing gym every weekend? At some point, you would have had to say hi or smile at someone who goes there as often as you do.

4.Explore the outdoors

You love going for walks and the nature. From hiking to kayaking to windsurfing and cycling, these activities get you moving and you can socialise in person at the same time. On behalf of all the busy people out there, anything that allows us to kill two birds with one stone is a godsend.

5. Technology-driven platforms and forums

New to town? Simply post a question on forums available for expats, etc.

Try out social networking platform BrocnBells.com and join an already-existing community of like-minded people who's keen to connect over health & fitness.

Connect online and meet up over healthy activities near you. So you get to maintain your lifestyle and expand your social networks.

Who knows...with the common ground and lifestyle you share, you may even potentially find a soul mate ;). Regardless, isn't it awesome to just gain a new friendship in a SweatBuddy - who loves working out and being well, just as much as you do?

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