Thinning Hair? 3 Things You Can Do NOW to Reverse it.

Thu, 21 Mar 2019
Putting our best foot look forward is tough at times with our balmy weather, and easy access to tasty food. While we work out to help maintain our weight and blot away excess sebum on our faces, what about the one other thing we have on 24/7 - our crowning glory?

Our hair styles are a reflection of our personality and can make or break our entire look, and we’ve a billion dollar industry of hair care products and services to attest to that. It is also often taken for granted, unless a drastic change is seen - such as excessive hair fall or sudden bald spots.

Hair loss prevention is always better than cure, as hair needs time to strengthen and regrow. Thinning hair already is a sign of follicle miniaturisation , and once the follicle is atrophied, no new hair strands will regrow.

So if you spot signs of more hair fall than usual, thinning hair or a receding hairline, don’t just brush it aside as a temporary phase, or fly into a panicked state and start searching for hair transplants in Singapore.

Instead, try the following 3 simple tips you can do right NOW to help reverse the situation, and see what a difference it would make in a week:


Pick the right shampoo that serves your purpose, in this instance, choose the best shampoo for hair loss- one that strengthens and thickens your hair while encouraging growth. Peer through the ingredients list to ensure that key actives are not too harsh on your scalp as your thinning hair might be caused by inflammation from external irritants such as sulfates - a common ingredient used in shampoos.

Try a shampoo with natural active ingredients like BioRoyale’s Fall + Regrowth Shampoo - a blend of botanical actives formulated to regulate sebum production on scalp, soothe any inflammation in follicles and strengthen roots while cleansing scalp and hair.

Don’t just hear it from us, we’ve been reading rave reviews about this homegrown brand’s products here, and here.


In fact , SHAMPOO TWICE A DAY IF YOU’VE GREASY HAIR - once in the morning and once at night before sleeping. Read online that you should only wash your hair every other day? Well, if we were betting people, we’d bet the author wasn’t based in Singapore with its balmy weather.

Not washing your hair daily can cause a buildup of sebum and bacteria on your scalp - leading to clogged follicles, odour and eventually hair loss. When you work out, sweat and heat produced by your body creates the optimal environment for fungi and bacteria growth on your scalp - especially if you’ve thick hair to begin with that would trap heat and excess buildup.

Do yourself a huge favour and shampoo twice after a good workout to ensure dirt, dead skin cells and perspiration are thoroughly cleansed.

Afraid of drying out your hair and scalp? Refer to point #1 above - pick the right shampoo for your needs. In this case, if you’re particularly active most days of the week, choose a gentle cleansing shampoo that has natural ingredients and no harsh cleaning agents like sulfates.


Trying out a new diet? Or maybe your diet is unchanged but your workout hours might have increased? This could lead to certain nutrient or vitamin deficiencies.

Time to re-look at your diet to ensure that you’re getting the necessary nutrients or vitamins you need for hair growth.

2 key nutrients that are essential to hair growth which we’d like to highlight are:


Fun fact - Hair is mostly made out of protein, a nutrient usually obtained from meat sources. This is why you’d see an increased hair fall rate if you suddenly switch to vegan food with no vegan alternative for protein such as Soy.

It happens more often than not, that many might not notice that they are not getting enough protein in their diets with today’s fast food and eating habits.

Certain animal studies have also shown that protein deficiency may decrease hair growth and even lead to hair loss.

To ensure you hit your daily protein goal, try adding a protein drink to your diet - they are quick and easy. Protein can also come in the form of whey & oats, or a quick fix like a snack bar. Not a fan of dairy source protein? Great news! There are protein drinks from vegan sources now.


Biotin has long been a vitamin identified to be necessary for healthy hair and skin. Still need convincing? Here’s a study highlighting the symptoms of dermatitis and hair loss as a result of biotin deficiency.

This B-vitamin helps your body convert food into energy, and is available in a wide range of foods - such as liver, egg yolks, nuts, salmon or dairy.

However, if you just so happen to miss out on these food groups or have restrictions that restrict most food that contain Biotin, the vitamin is also available in supplement form here.


There you have it! 3 simple tips you can start with now to get back on track for fuller, healthier hair. You’re most likely to feel the immediate difference with tips #1 & #2.

Try it yourself and let us know how it goes!

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