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Mon, 15 Jul 2019

Pat yourselves on the back everyone! A 2014 Sports index showed that the number of people who exercised more than 3 times a week have doubled over the course from 2001 to 2014 - indicating that Singaporeans are increasingly active and aware of the importance of exercise.

With the uprise in sporting activities, further scrutiny has been placed on safety levels during sports experiences - to prevent sports injuries. A 2019 sports Safety Committee Report was produced to provide an overview on the roles and responsibilities of all involved parties, be it an individual participant to event organisers, on sports safety.

A 2018 Infographic by Mount Elizabeth Hospital highlighted that 65% of sports injury patients are of age 5-24 years old,and that the most common injury of all would be strains and sprains - 41.4%.

The top 5 sports which caused the most injuries among their patients were:

The above information is important; Sports Singapore highlighted in their 2015 Sports Index, that the 4th major barrier of participating in exercises for people age 40 onwards would be long-term physical disability.

#DidYouKnow - Certain Sports Injuries may lead to Long Term Problems?

Injuries can negate all the benefits of youths in sports, if an injury would prevent them from future participation. Some examples would be an ACL tear or bad sprain - both of which would badly affect basic daily functional movement such as balance.

All the more reason to start using sport support accessories or supplements as a prevention and protection tool when engaging in sports - To prevent injuries or deterioration of old injuries that might not have healed completely.

It is always best to empower a person with knowledge so as to refrain from long-term or irreversible damage

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help in terms of protecting yourself, so that you can enjoy continuing to be active in future. Here’s a few little tips from us on how you can use sports support accessories and supplements to give yourself that extra edge while running doing what you love out in the field, court or trail:

Sport Support     Item   Why this Item?  
Joint Support & Maintenance Supplements
- Glucosamine & Curcumin
Glucosamine is usually a taken long-term for maintenance and improvement of joint function. It helps to form cartilage and reduce inflammation .

The addition of Curcumin in Kordel's Glucosamine 1500 + Curcumin, is an added bonus as it is a strong inflammatory and antioxidant, helping to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation in relation to join injuries.
Knee Wrap - ProSkin Knee wraps form a tight compression around the knee to prevent injury of the knee joint, especially during sports with sudden pivotal movement such as basketball or badminton. The ProSkin Knee wrap provides a tighter fit around the knee and does not limit movement, so as to protect your joint.
Ankle Support  - Futuro Our ankles often bear the brunt of our weight when it comes to all sports and daily functions. If you've suffered an ankle sprain before or are experiencing pain in your ankle, it is best to wear an ankle support. Try the Futuro Precision Fit Ankle Support for a tighter fit and greater support.
Wrist Support - Strength Wraps Certain exercises can place great stress on a join that has limited muscles such as the wrist and push-ups. While not wanting to give up your favourite sports such as calisthenics, you can give your wrist better support and prevent injuries with wrist wraps such as the world renowned Strength Wraps - a versatile wrist support which you can easily adjust on the go.

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