Primary & Secondary Antioxidants

Thu, 25 Jul 2019

#DidYouKnow there are two types of Antioxidants?

Yes - Primary and Secondary Antioxidants.

What's the difference?

Primary Antioxidants  Secondary Antioxidants
  • Delays free radical damage
  • Usually derived from your diet
  • Bulkier in form and not readily absorbed
  • Scavengers free radicals one by one      

Image from Innerpur

Does this give you a clearer picture on how to select your antioxidant supplements, based on your needs?

You can take our  mini-quiz on whether you need antioxidant supplements, and then take a look at a few of our popular Antioxidant supplements here:

1. An Antioxidant Pick-me-up for tea - Asmara Antioxidant Drink

Local brand Asmara produces a range of health and wellness drinks that are yummy to boot!

The Ashta Berries 8 is an Award-winning functional beverage with much research behind the product, prior to being manufactured in Singapore. 

An antioxidant-rich drink, it is made from organic acai berries, maqui berries, camu-camu, chokeberries, rasberries, blueberrie, strawberries and blackberries. It also contains prebiotic fibre and garcinia extract.

You can take a look at the entire Asmara range of products  here.

2. Radiant skin with Antioxidants -InnerPur Lumina

Featuring a powerful primary antioxidant - Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), InnerPur's Lumina is a refreshing drink containing a medley of SOD antioxidant, Beta-Glucan and Golden Yeast to give your skin that extra boost.

3500x stronger than vitamin C and 10x stronger than Glutathione, SOD has been known to counter signs of ageing such as loss of collagen or hair loss.

Take a look at the video produced by InnerPur to explain more on SOD:

3. Supplement your Diet BioG ACE it + Lutein Oral Antioxidant Powder

If you think you're not taking in enough fruits and veggies in your diet, get a little extra help with BioG's ACE it + Lutein Antioxidant powder.
It can be conveniently mixed in with your juices or smoothies to increase your body's antioxidant levels - ramping up recovery time and preventing free radical damage.

A cocktail of vitamins and minerals, this easy, one dose a day supplement supports optimal macular health, wrks on body cell repair and recovery , and boosts daily performance.

Try it yourself today.

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