Pre-workout supplements – Do you really need them?

Tue, 08 May 2018

Exercising after a long day? Give your body that extra kick of energy needed

Finding it difficult to squeeze out that last bit of energy after a long day to exercise and stay fit? A daily schedule packed with activities could tire you out both mentally and physically. By the time you’re ready to start your workout, your body may demand for you to stop through feelings of fatigue and lethargy.

A quick solution to boosting energy levels before you hit the gym? A pre-workout supplement that has what your body needs to push through and maximise your workouts. Here are three we recommend:

1. Enhance peak performance capabilities with CarnoSyn®Beta-Alanine

Feeling the burn halfway into your workout? After a period of time, lactic acid builds up in your muscles which causes soreness and sometimes, adds difficulty to complete those last few reps or minutes. These are the times where you may be tempted to give in and end your exercise earlier than intended. Over time, this will affect your training effectiveness and how fast you observe the results.

Mutant Mayhem (40 servings @ S$50) was developed to take pre-training to the forefront of high performance athletes to provide that extra push to improve their training performance.

With CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine as one of its key ingredients, it is important for carnosine synthesis. How it works is that CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine turns into carosine in your body. Carosine then buffers the increase in lactic acid production, giving you the extra energy to exercise longer and complete your routine! Elevated muscle carnosine levels have been shown to extend muscular endurance, reduce muscle fatigue and build muscle strength, all in which are necessary for individuals who want to push their limits to the max.

2. Nitric Oxides boost blood circulation to keep you going

During times of exhausting activity, nitrates are broken down into nitric oxides when your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. What happens when you are low on oxygen? Blood circulation slows and it becomes tougher for you to keep up with high-intensity workouts.

Nitrates can be naturally found in green, leafy tuber vegetables like spinach. If your diet is low on nitrates, Grenade’s .50 Calibre (20 servings @S$30) is just what you need. Containing large doses of Citrulline Malate (the most proven Nitric Oxide-boosting amino acid), it is designed to increase blood flow and endurance which allows you to last longer under duress and produce bigger muscle pumps to weightlifters. Malate is also known to have muscle fatigue-fighting capabilities of its own, by helping the body recycle lactic acid and use it for energy. Citrulline has the potential to aid your body recovery well from intense training and avoid the “over-training” symptoms often experienced by active lifestyle individuals.

Fun fact: Although nitric oxides are known as ‘the pump’ among bodybuilders that helps with muscle gain, women who fear being too bulked up need not worry! Combined with the right diet and routine, you don’t need to be afraid of appearing too muscly. In fact, you will feel stronger, recover faster and experience peak performance results overtime.

3. Not just for the mornings – Caffeine increases alertness during exercise

Finding it difficult to sharpen the mental focus needed to complete your workout? Introducing Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy (30 servings @S$30), it provides a unique mix of aminos and caffeine with a full array of assorted flavours to choose from. Delivering 100mg of caffeine from green coffee and green tea extracts, it will help to restore alertness and wakefulness for your workout – perfect after a day of exertion.

The caffeine improves training performance by perking you up both mentally and physically! Your weariness will start to fade and soon you will find yourself working out harder and longer. This way, exercising would feel less like a chore, and more of a productive close to your day.

Visit Fitlion’s online store for the mentioned pre-workout supplements and other varieties to find what works best for you!

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