Agent J's Workouts To Set Your Calories On Fire

Wed, 04 Sep 2019

Eliminate Your Weakness with Agent J.

Fitlion 9.9 - Agent J (Jeremy Tan)

Agent J has certainly proved a point to all his "new recruits'' in Fitlion 9.9 that there is no magic involved in getting them to tip-top shape! You gotta work 'out' more than what you put 'in' your body. However, not all exercises are created equally. Some exercises are just simply more efficient in working your muscle groups and overall fitness than the others. So, Agent J is here to share some smart workout tips which would turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength!



Trail Running

All you ever need is a pair of sneakers! Harsh truth: If you are looking to cut down some fats on your body, a light-jog around the neighbourhood or tracks would never make the cut. Try to crank up inclination and run uphill! The more energy you are using, the more calories you are burning.


High Intensity Interval Training

Keep your heart rate up and keep your interval training going! Interval Training (also known as High-Intensity Interval Training) is undoubtedly the number one workout method which is proven to help you drop some weight effectively. This workout method focuses on going hard during an interval of time and followed by an interval of active resting. 

Time to mix it up and go hard!


WWeight Training

Introducing the 'mother of all workout,' the ultimate weight training. Whether it's a form of resistance training through the use of your own bodyweight or adding more weights to your workout, weight training has been known to help you break down your calories and build muscles!

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