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Thu, 17 Oct 2019

Inspired by the fitness journey of one of our amazing #FitFAM members, we sat down with Ashikin Hamidon (co-founder of Start Station Bodyweight Fitness and owner of The Yoga Co.) or more affectionately known as ‘Ashy’, to learn more about her venture into the fitness world. 

She also shared with us a very personal experience which she hoped that by sharing she would be able to help raise awareness for breast cancer, in conjunction with #PinkOctober.

Image Credits to IG: @ashyclair

Question #1: When you are a kid, what do you aspire to be?

Ashy: When I was younger, I aspired to be a doctor. I thought it was inspiring to be able to heal and help people on a day to day basis.

Question #2: Which female role model, do you look up to?

Ashy: I look up to Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres - female icons who go above and beyond to make life better and happier for people who aren't able to help themselves. They do what they love with so much passion, grace and humility.

Image Credits to IG: @ashyclair

Question #3: With the success of "The Yoga Collective" and "The Start Station", has to manage a fitness/yoga studio ever come to your mind when you're young?

Ashy: I have never been an athletic person before starting "Start Station Bodyweight Fitness". I was never into fitness. Initially, I hated the idea of working out. I grew up thinking that fitness was like a talent, something you were either born with, or you just don't have. 

Image Credits to IG: @ashyclair

Question #4: Who / What gave you the biggest motivation in going heads on into the fitness scene?

Ashy: Only until I met Haaziq (co-founder of Start Station Bodyweight Fitness) was I inspired to start on my fitness journey. It has been such a process getting to where I am right now. I had to really work my way up from the basics - I wasn't even able to hang on the bar or hold a high plank when I started. 

Image Credits to IG: @ashyclair

Question #5: What are the biggest challenges you faced when you first entered the fitness scene?

Ashy: My biggest challenge was overcoming the mindset that fitness wasn't for me. The more I worked on it and the more I progressed, the more I learnt that if you put effort and commit to the process, you will always progress.

I also have severe scoliosis, and that has always deterred me from working out. However, I've learnt how to move more mindfully. 

Image Credits to IG: @ashyclair

Question #6: What are the common misconceptions about women who are actively participating in fitness and sports?

Ashy: The common misconceptions about women in sports and fitness would undoubtedly be if you do strength training, you will be "bulky, big and lose your femininity". I think beauty should be defined by the individual and not society's standard of how and what a woman should look like. 

I love how emerging fitness and wellness trends are starting to challenge these stereotypes of how a woman should be, act, behave and look.

Question #7: Do you think that women in Singapore need to be more actively aware of the symptoms of breast cancer and perform regular check-ups?

Women in Singapore still find breast cancer a taboo subject, and not many are aware of the importance of regular check-ups.

Question #8: Do you have a personal story or experience to share?

Ashy: My mum discovered that she had a very small cyst in her breasts a few years ago and made the decision to remove them. I'm very thankful that she had been going for regular check-ups and mammograms. Early detection is so important because it can detect cancer before the tumour can even be felt.

Image Credits to IG: @ashyclair

Question #9: Do you have a message which you would like to share with the female individuals, as well as the breast cancer survivors?  

Ashy: To all women, your health is and should always be your top priority. Don't let what people think or say to you affect how you perceive yourself. You define for yourself what beauty means to you.
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