Antioxidants for Good Skin

Tue, 23 Jul 2019

We've read much about how antioxidants are crucial if you exercise frequently, and how they help greatly in recovery. Have you heard how good they are for the skin though? BOTH the topical and edible forms of it.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the most resilient one at that! It is exposed to constant free radicals in the environment as well as those produced from within the body. The skin is also a good barometer for your health as it can show symptoms such as yellowing from jaundice.

Health facts aside, aesthetic purposes of your skin is also a major concern as everyone would like to put their best face forward - healthy complexion and skin. This is often countered with either acne, scarring or signs of ageing.

So how can antioxidants help keep your skin healthy?


- Faster recovery of wounds
- Treat and prevent inflammation
- Counter free radicals and UV-exposure inflammation

study on skin cancer development and antioxidants found that antioxidants are useful in for protection against UVB effects such as photocarcinogenesis - the formation of a substance which causes cancer.

Another study highlighted that unlike plants, humans do not make enough of their own antioxidants to offset the number of free radicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Hence, supplementation by form of oral consumption or topical means is definitely an option to increase your antioxidant levels.

Here are some antioxidants items that we think you can place into your daily regime:

This Amazonia Raw Acai Skin Active has been scientifically proven to contain antioxidants which may help support collagen production, and prevent free radical damage. 

Each serving contains a potent punch of 3150mg of fermented Acai and 12 billion probiotics for a boost in digestion. This formulation is non-syntheticm, vegan and alkaline.

A high-performing skin moisturiser and antioxidant, the Botani Olive Skin Serum delivers instant hydration and works on lightening scars-  the natural way. 

Clinically proven to increase and seal moisture levels in the skin within 24 hours, this serum contains 100% phyto-active Olive Squalene - a substance that is similar to our natural emollient we have in our skin. Squalene decreases in our skin as we age, making our skin vulnerable to free radical damage, hence a daily replenishment of Squalene would definitely raise your stakes against signs of ageing.

Get a medley of antioxidants with just one serving of BioG ACE it Antioxidant powder! Featuring Lutein, this supplement features an extensive list of antioxidant key ingredients to boost daily performance, repair the body and support optimal macular health.

Simply take 1 scoop daily with your favourite juice or smoothie.

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