Active Lifestyle for Kids this September

Tue, 04 Sep 2018

Active Lifestyle for Kids this September

Fun (and fit!) ways to keep your kids entertained during the September holidays

School’s out for a week, and your kids are excited about their well-deserved break. With nothing to do and confined at home though, they may start to drive you up the wall if there’s no outlet for their boundless energy.

If you are looking for fun activities that will entertain your children while keeping active and fit, then consider trampolining, cycling, rock climbing and swimming or playing at one of Singapore’s waterparks. What’s more, these activities are enjoyable for the entire family!

1. Trampolining

Need a solution to tire out your energetic kids? Rather be indoors and away from the heat and haze? Consider trampolining. An indoor trampoline park allows adults and children alike to jump, somersault and bounce off the walls (don’t take us literally though) while burning off calories in a fun way. Book your hourly time slots now - better still, parks like Bounce and Amped are conveniently located downtown.

2. Cycling

The cycling culture in Singapore is growing with more Park Connectors around the country. This is perfect for active families with kids who would like to explore the outdoors! Multiple parks such as East Coast, West Coast and Punggol Park also offer bike rentals for those who don’t own bikes of their own. Explore the little red dot on two wheels!

3. Rock Climbing

Hitting new heights has gotten kids excited as rock climbing becomes more popular in Singapore. Entertain your energetic kids, this holiday by taking them to one of the many rock climbing parks. Clip ‘n Climb, Kinetics Climbing and Onsight Climbing are just some of the spots your kids can ascend.

“Let Em Play” takes rock climbing to the next level with 5 different types of walls at their arena. They even offer Augmented Reality Climbing where kids combine computer vision with rock climbing fun in an interactive, competitive game!

4. Swimming or Playing at Singapore’s Waterparks

Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, learning to swim is integral for kids in Singapore. Start swimming classes for your kind. If you have a really little one in the family, it’s never too early to start getting them used to the water. Ready, set, plunge!

Adventure Cove in Sentosa, Rainforest Kidzworld at the Zoo and Splash and Surf at Kallang Wave mall are some family favourites. The smaller, shallow pools are great for toddlers while the deeper ones are great for adventurous kids.

Along with planning these fun-filled activities also means being prepared! You can find these products on Fitlion that are perfect for your fun days ahead!


1)Zappy All Natural Food Contact Wipes

Zappy All Natural Food Contact Wipes is food contact safe and food grade, providing the safest care for users looking for the highest level of hygiene. The ingredients are 100% food grade, free from alcohol and harsh chemicals.

Zappy All Natural Food Contact Wipes are great for keeping your kids’ hands clean and free from germs, post activity.

2)Nuzest Kids Good Stuff- Single Serve Multi Vitamin Smoothie
Kids Good Stuff provides a healthy cocktail of essential nutrients to help soothe those midday hunger pangs, while giving a healthful chocolate fix. The flavours available on Fitlion include Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Honeycomb and Mint Chocolate.
3)Pout Care Huckleberry Sorbet Hair Wax

This texturising non-greasy hair wax is made with organic Burdoch root, Rosemary and Yarrow extracts that strengthen hair, and decrease hair breakage. It conditions as it styles, making hair easier to manage, and adds hydration and luster.

Style your kid’s mane with Pout Care Huckleberry Sorbet Hair Wax, perfect for keeping hair in place on the trampoline or post-swim.

4) VitaRealm Effervescence Tablets

VitaRealm Natural Vitamin C contains the equivalent of taking 285 medium oranges!

Vitamin C provides nutritional support to the body, helps in collagen formation, contains antioxidant properties to fight free radicals, supports immunity, healthy skin and eyes, and helps the body to absorb iron.

Get your child the Vitamin fix he or she needs!

5) Lucas Bath Rocks
Lucas Special Bath Rocks help kids relax post-workout. Ease their tired bodies by soaking them in a warm bath. This assists in calming mood, aiding muscle and joint repair as well as rewarding kids with a restful sleep after a tiring day out.

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