Wed, 27 Jun 2018

We all have been taught about the importance of eating a balanced diet and we all try to eat that balanced diet as well. However, sometimes your busy lifestyle and irregular meal intakes make it is harder for you to get all that required nutrition from your food. This is where sports nutrition supplements play a vital role in supplementing your active lifestyle.

Let us face the reality. Despite our efforts, we are missing out on one of the other nutrition in our diet. These minerals or vitamins need to be supplemented in our diet through one way or the other. A deficiency of any of these can lead to poor fitness performance, especially if you are an avid athlete or goal-driven body-builder undergoing mid to intense training.
Here are 5 major supplements that you never knew you needed, but the reality is that you do.

Protein Whey

Unless your daily diet contains sufficient amount of proteins, including a protein whey as part of your daily consumption intake will benefit your fitness goals substantially.

Protein is an essential nutrient and a key component of a healthy diet whereby it provides important amino acids which our body lacks in for numerous physiological functions including muscle-building, overall fitness maintenance and supporting the prevention of muscle-loss. For the endurance athletes, recovery is a central focus in mind and the consumption of adequate protein can aid that healing process.

In general, having protein whey in your diet coupled with resistance training can reap great benefits in maintaining muscle strength and growth.

One of the best protein supplement for muscle gain is Optimum Nutrition (Pro Complex). It contains an essential combination of 8 protein sources packed with 60 grams of quality proteins in a serving. This formula includes egg albumen, whey protein isolates, amino acids, and hydrolyzed proteins which support muscle size and strength gains with less sugar and fat to fuel your recovery from intense training. In fact, it has made a reputable name for itself among the top 10 bodybuilding supplements.

Amino acids 

One such amino acid supplement is Optimum Nutrition (Pro BCAA). This bodybuilding supplement contains effective and large amounts of Branch Chain Amino Acids that can assist in muscle retention, increased endurance, and focus on muscle building.

Lean Gainer 

If you inspire to become a goal-driven bodybuilder, adequate protein and carbohydrate ratio is the cornerstone of all bodybuilders’ diet in the quest for massive muscle development and a leaner physique.

A product by Optimum Nutrition (Pro Gainer) is the ultimate LEAN GAINER formula whereby a higher percentage of its calories (650 Calories) are from 7 premium protein sources, mainly from Whey, Casein and Egg. It contains very low fat, low cholesterol, tastes really good, and has an ideal carb to protein ratio.

ZMA is basically a combination of Zinc monomethionine/asparate and magnesium aspartate as well as Vitamin B6. Because athletes and active adults have greater nutrient needs than inactive people, Optimum Nutrition (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate) provides more than ample amounts of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. This product can give good muscle gains, effective body strength, and better workout recovery when stacked together with your Protein Whey consumption.


Glutamine is basically an amino acid that is found naturally in your body. It is effective in supporting muscle recovery from intense exercise and is a product used widely by bodybuilders and athletes for covering up the loss of Glutamine in their bodies. Optimum Nutrition (Glutamine Powder) provides 5 grams of pure L-Glutamine and because it’s unflavored, you can stack it together with your post-workout protein shake with consumption convenience on-the-go.

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