3 Ways to Make Your Mum Healthy and Happy

Wed, 08 May 2019
Isn’t it funny, that certain point in your life when you start sounding and behaving like your mum. You start to watch what she’s eating, whether she’s sleeping well, whether her knee is playing up. A beautifully karmic role reversal for the woman who has cared for you your entire life, listened to your problems, fed, nurtured, supported and counselled you. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, think about doing something to boost her health, while warming her heart, not just this one day, but schedule it in as a weekly or monthly treat.

We know it. Everyone needs exercise. Especially as you grow older. Muscles start to deteriorate, and do not rebuild at the rate they are in one’s youth. Making it a point to be physically active into your 40s and beyond, will end up with improved muscle mass, reducing the risk of falls and injuries, as well as better circulation and healthier weight, both of which may reduce the risk of age related health issues.

Why not bring mum for weekly walks on hiking trails like the TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah’s Nature Reserve and Hindhede Nature Park. If your feeling more adventurous, hop on a bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal, and for a day trip to Pulau Ubin, for activities like cycling and kayaking.

If your mom doesn’t like the sun, sign her up for a gym or a fitness class package. Pilates and yoga are good for the aging body they are low impact activities that strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility.


Remember all the times that mom made sure you ate all your broccoli, or packed your school lunch with a surprise pack of gummy bears? Your mom always has you on her mind from the grocery store to the kitchen. It’s your turn to do the same for her.

She may have passed down her favourite family recipes to you. Try putting a healthy twist on these recipes, while keeping it as tasty. For example, switch out white rice to brown rice, or reduce the salt content by replacing them with herbs, pepper or spices, to add flavour your dishes.

Not only do we build less muscle when we age, we also produce less enzymes. Certain enzymes are essential for the absorption of nutrients into our body, which means that we absorb nutrients less effectively with age. Supplementing with nutrients such as Omega-3, and a good multivit will provide her with vitamins and minerals and support healthy aging.


As cliché as it sounds, love is always the best medicine. Always set aside time out of your busy schedule for her and take her out for a meal or a movie. Make memories.

We all get busy, it’s just life, so during these times, drop her a message or call her for a quick chat to let her know you’re thinking of her. Just hearing your voice will make her day.

Lastly, remember, simple acts like a hug, touch on the shoulder, kiss on the cheek, are all mums need. She doesn’t need grand gestures to make her happy. Even after you’ve grown up, in her eyes, you’ll always be her child. A mother’s love is the most powerful thing on this earth, you would be hard pressed to find something that beats it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our beautiful mums! Thank you for making the world go round!

 Written by
 Chloe Yeo
 BioMed-Chemist, Formulator, Fitness Freak & Full-time free spirit
 Dedicated to helping people find their best self through nutrition and positive vibes.
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