MicroTabs (the new revolution in supplements)

Tue, 16 May 2018

MicroTab Supplements - No longer a hard pill to swallow

Many people, from the young to the elderly, are taking nutritional and health supplements to either enhance their nutritional intake or make up for a lack of nutrients in their diet. But if you have ever had trouble swallowing a handful of bulky supplement pills or remembering to take those pills in the first place, say hello to a new era in supplements – BioG™ MicroTabs!

The first of its kind in Singapore, the unique micro-size BioG™ MicroTabs ensure that microtabs are absorbed quickly and fully by the body. BioG™ MicroTabs are produced in small batches in a cGMP-certified (pharmaceutical-grade Good Manufacturing Practice) facility in Germany, and every batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis to prove the authenticity of ingredients.

The high quality and purity of BioG™ MicroTabs are free from artificial flavouring and colouring, preservatives, lactose and gluten.

BioG™ mini-sized tablets do not mean it is any less effective. In fact due to its micro-size, microtabs are quickly and fully absorbed by your body. With one sachet of BioG™ MicroTabs daily, you will be sure to get all the nutrients you need!

Have you faced problems getting your child or elderly parents to take supplements? Whether it’s the difficulty in teaching them how to swallow a larger pill or the physical discomfort that may come with it, BioG™ MicroTabs are perfect for them to get past it!

So how exactly does your body benefit from BioG™ MicroTabs? Three of BioG™ blends are specially formulated to achieve specific health goals.

1. Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

One in 9 Singaporeans are prone to type 2 diabetes. Why you may ask? Asians are more prone to diabetes than our Western counterpart as our bodies do not produce sufficient insulin causing access sugar build-up in the blood stream. It doesn’t help that our diet consists of decadent kuehs and condensed milk sweetened beverages.

A sachet of BioG™ Glucose Management MicroTabs, $55, can help regulate healthy blood sugar levels by combining natural ingredients such as Apple Extract as well as Green Coffee Extract.

2. Help your skin protect itself from inside-out

With the scorching sun beating down on us everyday here in tropical Singapore, it can cause your skin to age faster. To perk up dull, tired and prematurely-ageing skin from the inside-out, try BioG™ S.O.D Skin MicroTabs, $72.

Bring back that youthful, radiant glow and do away with dark spots, large pores and wrinkles. Powerful antioxidants in the MicroTabs like S.O.D (Superoxide Dismutase) and Vitamin C repair and rejuvenate your skin for a smoother and more radiant appearance.

3. Rein in those hunger pangs

Do you have this sudden urge to eat every now and then? It could be the daily snacks or those late night suppers that causes your weight to increase. BioG™ Weight Management MicroTabs, $55, help to curb the urge to over-eat while aiding your body to burn existing stored fats by increasing your body’s metabolism.

Saffron – a common spice used in meals – is in each micro tablet which regulates the hormone for reducing cravings. Active caffeine is also included in the form of green tea extract to aid weight loss and burning fat.

Ready to join the Microtabs revolution? Head to our online store for the full product range of BioG™ MicroTabs!

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