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Tue, 16 May 2018

Workout essentials to add extra ‘oomph’ to your fitness regimen

Searching for the most useful tips to enhance your fitness journey? The most common response you can get from fitness enthusiasts is the importance of planning the right training regime and schedule.

Yet one of the best-kept secrets of maximising your time at the gym is the addition of these workout essentials – a great protein supplement and using the right fitness equipment to help protect, zoom in on specific parts of the body and aid in muscle recovery.

1. Shake up your workout

Whey Protein powder is a crucial supplement if you are looking to retain or gain muscle. Unlike the past, whey protein powder shakes are no longer exclusive to bodybuilders. Anybody who wishes to attain a fit and healthy body can also benefit from it.

With the additional whey protein powder intake, it will help your muscles develop and recover faster. The whey protein powder shakes you find today can also give you an extra energy boost to complete your workout to the best of your ability.

In particular, whey protein isolate (WPI) is the new go-to supplement for its 90% whey protein powder content. Rich in 9 essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery, it helps you to get back on track after a day of rest.

Here are 2 whey protein powders to maximise your effort from a hard day sweating it out:

Introducing Mutant’s ISO Surge (S$89), it contains high-quality ingredients like Glutamine and Amino that leads to active and faster absorption of whey protein into your muscle tissue. This way you can get the best results from your training!

For those who want to build up muscle mass, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey (S$89) contains whey protein powder concentrate on top of WPI. In one serving, you can get 24g of whey protein which will provide full support for your training needs supplement.

Plus point: To stay fit and get healthy, people with a sweet tooth may find it difficult to cut back on sugary delights. With these 2 whey protein powders, you can still indulge in flavours like rocky road, birthday cake and banana cream.

2. Accessorise, accessorise!

As the saying goes, “ accessories can make or break an outfit.” Similar to that, training accessories can help you get the best results.

Triggerpoint’s Grid Foam Roller (S$75) is a tool for self-massage to relieve those tight muscles, knots and kinks after an intensive workout. By promoting blood and oxygen flow, using a roller speeds up muscle recovery!

Replicating the physical touch of massage therapists, there’s no need to make a special trip down for a costly session. The roller can be used conveniently before or after your training to stretch and cool down your muscles.

For greater protection in weight training, Harbinger’s Pro WristWrap Glove (S$39) provides maximum support and flexibility. As you exercise, there may be the occasional case of sweaty palms. The glove will keep your hands dry, tighten your grip for more effective reps, and reduce the susceptibility of wrist injuries.

If weight-lifting is in your regimen, getting Harbinger’s 4” Padded Leather Belt (S$49) will reduce stress on your spine. Aside from protecting your body from injury, the belt also forces you to lift more with your legs than your back. This way you can be sure that squat-lifting during ‘legs day’ is focused on working your quadriceps and hamstring muscles!

For a wider variety of protein powder formulas and workout accessories, visit Fitlion’s online store.

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