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LifeShield ™ Mind Force

60 Vege Capsules

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  • Made With Organic Reishi Mushrooms
  • Certified Organic by ICS - International Certification Services, Inc.
  • Identity Assured
  • Whole Life-Cycle Activated Mushrooms
  • 100% Vegan Product
  • Mental Clarity Formula
  • Kosher
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • 100% USA-Grown Mushrooms

New Chapter's Guiding Principles

  • To Deliver the Wisdom of Nature thus relieving suffering and promoting optimal health.
  • To advance the organic mission, nourishing body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbal supplements.
  • To nurture and sustain Mother Earth, the source of natural healing.
  • To honor and reward personal growth, for enlightened teamwork depends on the vitality of every member of the New Chapter family.


Delivering the Whole Mushroom LifeShield

  • Spores
  • Fruiting Body
  • Extracellular Compounds
  • Mycelium Biomass

New Chapter LifeShield Mushroom formulas deliver organic tonic mushrooms' whole protective shield through the combination of mycelium, fruiting bodies and spores. Each stage of a mushroom's life cycle adds critical nutrients and protection for the mushroom. The combination of these stages creates the activated LifeShield to promote your health and wellness.


  • Mental Clarity - Formulated with select species of tonic mushrooms, including organic Lion's Mane, to provide cognitive support and promote normal brain function
  • Whole Life Cycle - LifeShield Mind Force delivers mushrooms' whole protective shield by combining mycelium, their extracellular compounds, fruiting bodies and spores.
  • Superior Strains - Formulated with vigorous mushroom strains grown to their maximum potential.
  • Science and Tradition - Combines species both revered traditionally and researched extensively for cognitive support, such as organic Reishi and organic Chaga.
  • Identity Assured - We use state-of-the-science technologies to match, verify and guarantee each and every mushroom strain. This includes identification through mushroom DNA testing.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving % DV
Organic Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) (mycelium and fruiting bodies) 525 mg *
Organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum, Ling zhi) (mycelium and fruiting bodies) 225 mg *
Organic Poria (Wolfiporia cocos) (mycelium) 125 mg *
Organic Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) (mycelium and sclerotia) 125 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.

Two capsules daily with food. Do not exceed suggested use. Not recommended for use in children.

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