Neat Feat

Cool Foot Spray

125 g

Code: N006-0002-00

Formulated by New Zealand Doctors Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray contains menthol and alcohol to energise and refresh hot tired feet.


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Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray can be used by different members of the family and provides relief to people that have been on their feet all day, or whose feet are sore from tight shoes.


• Energising, cooling, refreshing

• Spray contains feet hygiene antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients

• Gives immediate comfort to hot tired feet

• May be used as often as desired

• Light fresh fragrance

• Produced in response to University based human market research

• Environmentally friendly pump spray

The spray is easily applied through a pump that can be used upside down. Highly recommended for renergising your feet at the end of the day.

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