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Famous for its unique thick consistency and alluring musky taste, forest honey is sought after by many people around the world, not only for its taste, but for its high anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant contents.


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Derived from the sweet liquid secreted by the leaves or on the surface of oak under certain climates, this dark honey goes by many names but is widely sought after. Characterized by its unique, thick consistent flavor with a toffee like aroma, some people swear by its alluring musky taste.
Due to its high probiotics and glucose oxidase content, Forest Honey has much higher antibacterial and antioxidant content than most other honey, making it excellent in fighting off free radicals, anti-aging, alleviating sore throats, healing and disinfecting burns, ulcers and other wounds.

Benefits: Anti-aging, high antibacterial properties, relieves sore throat. Used topically can heals and disinfect burns, ulcers and other wounds. Delicious musky taste.

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