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Used by many athletes, world class and recreational alike ,bee pollen is a nutrient dense superfood and potent antioxidant with performance boosting, muscle-building effects.


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A favorite among athletes, bee pollen is the best natural source for quercetin, a potent antioxidant with ergogenic, muscle-building effects that consistently and noticeably helps increase energy levels and supports recovery.
Numerous tests with sedentary lab animals have found that quercetin supplementation roughly equivalent to 3 grams (1 teaspoon) of bee pollen every day:
-Dramatically boosts the performance of mitochondria in muscle,
-Increases muscle endurance by about 35 to 40%, and
-Activates a gene called PPAR-gamma, which pulls sugar out of the bloodstream into muscle (and fat) cells that need it.

Nature's Nutrition Raw Organic Bee Pollen is naturally harvested by bees and collected harmlessly and holistically as the bees enter the hives.

A nutrient dense superfood loaded with all 22 known essential nutritional elements the human body requires. Because of this, it is believed to help rejuvenate the body, enhance vitality, relieve brain fatigue and improve alertness and concentration. Bee pollen also boosts your immune system and helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Our bee pollen air-dried, unprocessed and unheated to maintain the highest quality and freshness.

Benefits: Gives energy, builds muscles and enhances performance and recovery. High in nutrients. Rejuvenate the body, enhance vitality, relieve brain fatigue and improve alertness and concentration. Can consume directly.

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