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great for begginersReview by omar
One of the cheapest protein powders out there. i mean if your looking for a cheap protein go ahead but if you can spare the extra $20 go for something better like optimal nutrition gold standard whey you'll get a nicer container for it as well hahaha! i bought vanilla bean it tasted kinda awful personally but it was bearable although the switch to "ON's cookies and cream" made me realize what i was missing out on i could really tell the difference but then again i'd give the price of this product a 10/10 sp fpr anyone looking for a affordable protein shake give this a try. (Posted on 11/30/15)
Great strength gains!Review by Hunter83
Made great strength gains from drinking mutant whey as part of my post workout meal on a daily basis. Would usually mix 1 scoop of triple chocolate with about 400ml of water and the taste is still thicker and stronger than some of the branded ones on the market like ON whey which can taste a bit diluted even with 2 scoops added. Redovered really well from it and able to train almost everyday thanks to mutant whey. Just ordered vanilla to try out and continue making some mutated gains!!!! (Posted on 10/27/15)
Worth It!Review by Jon
Got the Vanilla Bean flavour, not the best, but the taste grows on you after a while. After which, I started enjoying it. Great for blending your own shakes at home as well.

Made noticeable gains, but that ultimately depends on your diet as well. Whey is just a supplement, after all.

Cheap and good quality protein. Definitely will try again. (Posted on 8/16/15)
SO-soReview by Lincon
Probably the cheapest whey protein with respect to cost per serving. However i experienced stomach cramps and irregular bowel movements when i took it. The protein also tends to spoil faster than others. (Posted on 8/15/15)
Vanilla taste horrible and hard to mix!Review by JT
This is the worst tasting whey protein I've tried! It's difficult to mix with cold water even using a blender bottle... I'm not sure if its defective... (Posted on 8/9/15)
Totally worth it!Review by Phoo
In terms of pricing wise mutant whey beats it all. I was skeptical at first. The description about the taste and etc all seems too typical and common. So I decided to give this one a try and boy I was wrong! The first thing was the amazing chocolatey taste. It's like drinking a mudpie. In terms of effectiveness 8/10. But hey? If you're looking for a shake that taste ridiculously good. This is the one I would recommend. Worth for the small price you've to pay. Taste 10/10 (Posted on 8/3/15)
Good, taste wellReview by RocketStar
I tried triple chocolate eruption, tastes nices- less sweet, But doesn't mix well. Leaves lumps in between that sticks in to mouth. (Posted on 7/4/15)
Choc is the best tasted amongst the 3 flavours. Followed by strawberry then vanilla. All in all, it's still taste good and I still get results (Posted on 5/24/15)
Cost-Benefit-Analysis LOL - GoodReview by Stark
Only tried ON before this,
So comparing taste, mixability and nutrition wise, ON definitely wins hands down.
Buy man, i'd get this any day still, in the end it comes down to protein and price and MUTANT owns the price category.

So im rooting for mutant, and after trying the vanilla which is pretty good, imma head for the triple choc eruptioooon (Posted on 5/21/15)
Affordable and effectiveReview by Aloysius
It does its job. Taste good on the triple Choc. Just add more water if you want it to dissolve better and faster. (Posted on 4/27/15)
waste money and doesn't show resultsReview by wenjie
this product I have been taking for a month now, and I don't see a single result no offence, it is a waste of money, don't buy this is you are building muscle cuz this is just gas. I took 2 cups of this after gym and later on I go shower I farted like 3 times, its just a waste of money and just gas.... smoke screen makes my fart so smelly .. I don't even see the results, I pair it with milk... (Posted on 2/1/15)
more triple chocolate eruption please!Review by wenjie
I just bought the strawberry one yesterday, Fitlion I want to order triple chocolate eruption. Please make it have stock.
sorry for broken English but the strawberry one taste like milkshake if u add it with milk, if u add it with water taste like... plain water with abit strawberry. i am willing to try triple chocolate eruption however there is no more, please make it have stock Thanks Fitlion and mutant team ! (Posted on 1/25/15)
taste good, i haven't see the effects tho.Review by wenjie
it taste good I bought the strawberry one, and it really taste like milkshake as I mixed the protein powder with the milk, however I haven't seen the effects of the protein powder yet. I don't know when to take it as well. may someone please tell me (Posted on 1/25/15)
KissAssReview by KitchenSamurai
Had the strawberry and vanilla one.
Taste great!
Cheap and effective for the price.
Gonna get the triple chocolate! (Posted on 1/17/15)
nice taste butReview by diviyanth
nice taste but liquid too thick and stomach ache... (Posted on 12/5/14)
Cheap but goodReview by Marco Reus
Tried the triple chocolate and vanilla bean. triple choc very sweet while vanilla tasted average. helped me improve slowly. not the best whey protein but its good for those with low budget. (Posted on 11/17/14)
Mutant Whey-Effective and affordable :)Review by Sujay
Amazing taste, good mixability(no chunky residue or bad after taste).
Bought the extreme strawberry, it literally tastes like a strawberry smoothie.
Definitely worth the buck!!! (Posted on 11/3/14)
Great Product and Cost EffectiveReview by AshleyVKA
If you are looking for a cost effective protein, this is it. Its super clean protein as it has been filtered multiple times. If you think that the price affects the perception of the protein, you are wrong. Its great quality protein. The taste would depend on your preference. The texture is like a thick shake. In my opinion, its good. SHAKE WELL AND VIGOROUSLY. Read the instructions people. (Posted on 8/20/14)
Great Protein yet affordableReview by Noah
Great Protein fir its value and a great range of BCAAs as well, it's a good accompaniment to a good diet, of course it wont work on its own same as any other protein shakes!! (Posted on 8/11/14)
Great Taste !Review by Amus
Just bought my first Mutant Whey Today ( triple choc erup ) Taste exactly like ordinary chocolate milk , Awesome ! Results unknown yet .. (Posted on 7/30/14)
tasteReview by K3n
bad taste (Posted on 6/14/14)
Great tasting; Great value for money and results are great.Review by AravindBAM
Bought the triple eruption chocolate and it taste real good and you can see the difference even after a week of taking it. Really great and is really worth all your cash. Usually I take 2 scoops (recommended) but Im gonna start taking 3 scoops (mutant) to see the difference. Thanks Mutant and Fitlion! (Posted on 6/10/14)
Most affordable, but mix badReview by Ed
It's cheaper than what you'll get with other brands, especially comparing the nutrition profile.

However, be ready for clumps, lots and lots of clumps. (Posted on 6/8/14)
Awesome taste and textureReview by BEAST
just bought my first bag(triple chocolate eruption). Used to take ON,UN,Dymatize, would say this is probably the best tasting protein I have ever taken . love the rich and thick creamy texture. mixablity is not so good though, but it doesn't bother me ,at most I shake abit longer. rather have a good tasting protein that I will look forward to drink rather thn something that I have to keep forcing myself to down it after every workout.
gonna stick with this product from now on =] (Posted on 4/19/14)
Love it!Review by Gadney
Got the vanilla flavored whey. It's really thick and nice tasting even in just plain water. Slightly harder to mix when using spoon due to clumping. When you're home blending solves everything.
Taste 4/5 no complaints
Price 5/5 cheap (hope it stays)
Mixability 3/5 time consuming (Posted on 4/3/14)
Great Value,effectiveReview by Jay
This is my 2nd bag this time i want try different Flavor xtreme strawberry creamis not so tasty but drinkable The price is reasonable for whey protein Worth buying it Highly recommended for those on budget (Posted on 4/2/14)
Worth ItReview by Jubs
Bought the Triple Choco Eruption.Taste is good,mixes up okay,and definitely worth it.It is quite thick though.

Delivery was fast.Tnx fitlion! (Posted on 3/31/14)
cheap, delicious, effectiveReview by shah
i tried this cos of rich piana. its one of the cheapest protein powder u can find in terms of $/scoop but surprisingly its as effective as other brands. taste great too. you guys should definitely try the chocolate flavor its awesome (Posted on 3/27/14)
Awesome but bad mixabilityReview by Nuovo
I couldn't mix it properly even with a spoon, until i used a shaker bottle, but okay taste, real cheap (Posted on 3/23/14)
Outrageously good & bang for bucksReview by Berserker
Got the triple choc eruption and it tasted good~~ Mixability wise is not very good.. Mix it with milk and lotsa clump till i have to chew some of it~ But most importantly.. The price is so reasonable for a good whey protein. (Posted on 3/15/14)
Great ValueReview by J
Cheaper than most of it competitors. Tried the Vanilla, took a while to get used to the taste, but eventually it grew on me. Made decent gains within a month, only complaint is that it gets REALLY thick but still not that big of a downside. Highly recommended (Posted on 2/17/14)
AverageReview by Kenneth
Taste is good but not fantastic.
Mixability is not very good (Posted on 2/9/14)
Best of the BestReview by sebastian
Great price, great flavour and great protein. Worth buying it. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Nice tasteReview by Nic
Love the strawberry taste. Awaiting result.. Must try ! (Posted on 1/28/14)
great price great taste!Review by aj
Bought the choc eruption flavour..yummy! great value and good protein ratio.. gets the job done after workout..less sore especially after a heavy workout.. with water taste great..with milk taste awesome! (Posted on 1/16/14)
Good productReview by Jay
Cheap and good value for money flavours are awesome but the mixability is average (Posted on 1/12/14)
Good Taste . Review by Devin
good taste , good product (Posted on 1/4/14)
Mutant ReportReview by Jared
I have been taking MUTANT WHEY for almost a year now. My workouts are always heavy weights, Supersets, Dropsets. I always take the maximum recommended dosage which is MUTATED DOSAGE, sometimes even more. I have gained and retained muscles faster and better than other whey products in the market, when i stop training for a month and start back i can still recover fast because of the BCAA's but i guess it is all depending on individual, if his/her body can take in the protein efficiently and the kind of workout he/she is doing. Overall, yes MUTANT WHEY is really a good product with lots of ingredients which are comparable with the big names in the market but at a much cheaper price. (Posted on 1/4/14)
Good flavours.Review by ysc
Triple chocolate- Taste is thick and good, not really too sweet.
Strawberry-Sweet tasting with no after taste.
Vanilla- My favourite out of the 3, taste like vanilla mixed with a little bit of banana.

Overall, all 3 flavours are awesome but the mixability is average if you use a shaker bottle. I tried using a blender bottle and the result is much better. (Posted on 1/3/14)
Awesomely awesomeReview by Mars
Been trying quite a number of protein in the market... I must say that mutant is really value for money and like one of our fellow reviewer said protein is protein no matter how you see it be it WPC OR WPI....

Personally I can see gains from just 2 weeks into the regime.... ordering my second pack this minute... (Posted on 12/15/13)
Okay..Review by Chicken
Got the Triple Choc, and taste was not bad, only bad point is there will be sediments left behind no matter how hard you shake (Posted on 11/19/13)
One word: GREATReview by Jerry Han
Was reluctant to try, but like many others, was tight in budget so have to give it a shot.

Taste: 8/10
The taste is "gao", packed with flavors. (Bought the chocolate one)

Bad point about this to me, will be the viscosity, a little too thick. Depends on personal preference though. Next is that there will always be sendiments at the bottom no matter how hard or well you shake, perhaps due to the thickness of the protein.

Overall, a good protein. Will get another one after I'm finished with my chocolate. (: (Posted on 11/13/13)
Not badReview by Liew
Good simple whey protein for a cheaper price! (Posted on 11/2/13)
Amazing price and Great flavour!Review by Nigellus Lim
Just bought the vanilla one and tastewise it has a little milky taste and there's a fragrant vanillla scent upon every sip which is kinda refreshing. Its somehow 'lighter' in a sense than chocolate flavours which is pretty strong so it's worth trying it for those who want a change of taste or flavour! (Posted on 11/2/13)
Worth itReview by -
Great product, great value. One of the cheapest whey protein in town and it works really well. Taste is great and blends well with water in a shaker bottle. Ideal for those on a budget! (Posted on 10/30/13)
Get this!Review by MuscleKali
Its awesome, the taste is there and it helps alot
(Posted on 9/12/13)
TasteReview by mutantwheylion
just bought my 2nd bag of mutant whey (vanilla). my first bag was chocolate...and chocolate taste much better than vanilla.... going to try strawberry after i finish my second bag... (Posted on 8/29/13)
Great price with great tasteReview by Clarence
The taste really works well for me and it's really the bang for your buck.

worth every penny (Posted on 8/25/13)
Bang for your buck, but just too thick.Review by Beast
I have to say Mutant branding seems very gimicky. I wouldn't have tried it if not for the tight budget I have. Fact of the matter is, protein is protein. Concentrate, isolate or hydrolised, it still gets absorbed.

I gave this product a shot. it is relatively cheap, with less than $1/scoop(you get about 60 scoops).

It does not taste bad and it mixes well. the only problem I have is its viscosity. Compared to ON whey and nitro tech, mutant really makes your shake thick. some people might like that, but I blend my own home-made weight gainer so it makes the whole mix REALLY thick. I have been getting good gains though, so really no complains. hope this helps. (Posted on 8/14/13)
CheapReview by Andy
Cheapest protein but taste wise for strawberry can't compare to Ultimate Nutrition Pro Whey and Dymatize. (Posted on 8/10/13)
RecommendedReview by Jayaom
Something I would go for in terms of values and taste.
I was actually hesitating whether should I get the mutant whey because it's cheap which gives me lots of doubts.
After searching for reviews, lots of it said it taste bad and are not as good as other protein supplements out there.
Despite all the negative comments out there, I actually when to give it a shot.
Due to having a low budget as I'm still a student.
To my surprise it taste actually good and it was only mixed with water. (Posted on 8/5/13)
Good and well priced proteinReview by Norharry
The price for the protein is one of the cheapest in terms of price and serving i've searched. Bought triple chocolate eruption and the taste is quite good. Mixes quite well although it leaves a little sediment. 60 plus scoops. It has whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzed. So that's pretty good. Overall its a good protein and very well priced. (Posted on 7/30/13)
It's worth and it's goodReview by Clay
can really see results after 3 weeks of taking this product. Currently having a pack of triple choco eruption, it tastes damn good. (Posted on 7/20/13)
The TasteReview by Syaz Hart
Triple Chocolate ERUPTION. It's damn delicious brah! For REAL. (Posted on 7/13/13)
Come join the Mutant!!!Review by Mutant
Taste 1 of the best & work 1 of the best.... (Posted on 6/18/13)
Great TasteReview by Ivan
Really surprised by he great taste of the strawberry flavour. Mixed with milk has a sweet and creamy taste. Does not taste powdery at all. Really happy I gave it a shot. (Posted on 6/17/13)
Best Taste!Review by Jeffzai
Best tasting whey protein i ever had. (Posted on 6/16/13)
Honest review of the Mutant Whey .Review by MonStar
Great value for money whey protein, prices are uncomparable with other competitors . Good blend with BCAA's with 22g of protein each scoop which in all honesty, that extra 2-6 grams you get from other whey protein powders won't make much of a difference or let you have those "massive gains" so it might be a downside for some but to me, it's all cool . Taste wise in my honest opinion, not really much of a great tasting protein, bought the triple chocolate eruption but it kinda tastes like heavily sweetened cheap chocolate somewhat like those golden chocolate coins if you ever tasted one of those, mix it with milk and it will definitely taste better, I tried both blending and just shaking to mix and I personally find shaking is better as it brings more of a chocolate smoothie texture if you want something like that as blending it will produce fine isolated whey smooth silky texture which does foam from blending . I hope it might help you decide if this protein is for you ! (Posted on 6/14/13)
awesome taste for an awesome price !Review by kevin
I was kind of skeptical when I had to buy mutant whey instead because the stocks of ON and Dymatize were sold out .
But I didn't regret at all, eventhough the protein only has 22g per scoop. But it has much better taste than any whey I've tried and the recovery rate is good . So , thumbs up ! (Posted on 6/12/13)
Good productReview by Dsjw
Mutant tastes good and is affordable, and comparable with ON. Can't show results yet but it's good (Posted on 5/28/13)
Great tastingReview by Nick
Got the triple choc eruption and it tasted real good!! Didn't have the thick chocolatey taste. More of a smooth milky choc taste. Love it! (Posted on 5/17/13)
the BEaST!Review by Ahmad
try finding one that is comparable with Mutant's price... NONE.

Best tasting, quality protein! Im going for the 10lbs before its gone! Thx Fitlion! (Posted on 5/7/13)
Goodness In Every Mouth!Review by Manson
The Triple Chocolate Eruption Rocks! Taste Like Honey+Oat+Chocolate And Everything Nice! Simply Awesome! It Gets My Biceps Thick And Tight After I Take This Protein. A Total Worth To Buy! (Posted on 5/7/13)
Cheap and best tasteReview by Nas
Strawberry taste great, ideal for post workout (Posted on 5/5/13)
CHEAP AND GOODReview by twentysix
Taste great, esp with milk. And definitely aids in recovery as good as other brands or even better! (Posted on 3/26/13)
Bang for BuckReview by BANE Meng
If you are looking for protein that is value for money look no further. It helps in recovery, taste is above average, but most importantly the price is so reasonable. (Posted on 3/19/13)
Hydrolzed whey rate 10 out of 10Review by Tommy
This is what people are looking for ! It's hydrolzed and also helping u recover fast and safe. The price are great it totally worth ! (Posted on 1/30/13)

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