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Not Much can be said.
You'll have to try it.
Trust me, You'll be mutated so much, X-men tries to recruit you while you are pumping iron (Posted on 4/17/16)
Good pre-workoutReview by Lutfil
Well,the taste of the Green Apple Crush doesn't really suits me but overall it's a great pre-workout.I felt good after drinking it. (Posted on 12/7/15)
Disappointed Review by Raman
I bought this product after seeing the reviews everyone gave 4-5 star... Man.. I felt nothing completely nothing.. Took it 1st day.. Well taste completely sucks (green apple) but taste doesn't matter to me as long as it get it's work done.. Felt nothing.. Energy was normal , there was no difference that i took pre workout or not..
2nd day still same..
then took it on my leg day.. As soon as started first exercise after 1st set of leg extensions this shit crashed. Honestly I heard that pre workout crashes but never felt it ..but this thing show me how a preworkout crash...After first i set i felt like i'm going sleep in this gym right now.. But tried to carry on with other exercises but i got worst..i hardly did 2 or 3 exercise. On way back home i got so sleepy in Mrt . I'm going throw this thing dustbin.. Waste of money..really disappointed
I don't hate mutant they make good products. But sorry this mayhem doesn't work for me at all... I was expecting that this would be way better than ON gold standard pre-Workout .. I was wrong.. (Posted on 9/2/15)
decentReview by Emmanuel
The pump is alright... but that taste man... absolutely rubbish (green apple crush) (Posted on 7/17/15)
decentReview by Emmanuel
The pump is alright... but that taste man... absolutely rubbish (Posted on 7/17/15)
Monster - likeReview by wenjie
Just 1 sip and be a monster :) (Posted on 1/22/15)
Good product but has some downsidesReview by 123
Definitely gives energy to workout after a long day of work. Great pumps

Downsides - fruit punch sucks! smells and tastes horrible. Leaves white sediments at the bottom of shaker cup
(Posted on 10/31/14)
Solid ProductReview by Fox
Have never tried other pre-workouts before as I was a skeptic. But starting to think it's essential to any good workouts.

Flavor: 5/5 (Gotten the fruit punch, really tastes like bubblegum)

Mixability: 4/5 (Some minor clumps but not as bad as casein protein, so no big deal)

Effect: 5/5 (Lasts the whole workout, feels like i've more to give even after 2 hours of weights followed by intense cardio) (Posted on 10/2/14)
Works WellReview by Titan
One of the better pre-workouts that I've tried. Very rarely found myself taking two scoops, one scoop is more than enough, unlike some other pre-workouts. Initially I could not stand the taste of it at all (green apple crush) but after finding the right water-powder ratio the taste improved tremendously and made it much more tolerable. Energy and focus is excellence but pump is lacking. (Posted on 9/9/14)
GoodReview by Nuovo
I didn't really think it was gonna be much of a diff, but damn this was different, i felt i could do my workout twice, but the taste is a little off for the green apple (Posted on 7/8/14)
Good pump and energy.. the taste however...Review by Ben
Got very good energy and a good pump from 1 1/2 scoop. (However i use some extra Beta-Alanin powder...) The Rasberry taste however is complete s**t!
But the energy guys... the freaking ENERGY!!! (Posted on 5/8/14)
TRY IT (if you have a little extra money)Review by Is
Honestly i always thought pre-workouts were just nonsensical hypes and a waste of money.
So i had a little extra money from work and i tried this.

They recommend 15min before workout but 30mins works better, plus use this on an empty stomach like all other pre workout.

So anyway, i tried this, and ever since the first day, the results are disturbingly amazing.

First of, for the the amnt of servings and price, its cheaper.

Second, if you are sleepy, this will surely wake you up.

Thirdly, you will hardly get tired. Actually id say never get tired. Youd have the same energy you had since the first excersice till the end.

I dont wanna get so draggy but really, try this shit out. Youd really feel like you want to train every bodypart everytime u gym. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Good but...Review by Abib
Tried this product. First of all, the taste of green apple flavor, SUCKS. Tastes like medicine. I have to close my nose and drink it all. But other wise, I didn't feel tired at all! On every excercise I did, I felt I have the energy same as before I started. So it does what it says, but flavour can be improved. Or I should try another flavour. (Posted on 1/31/14)
very goodReview by aj
Tried a scoop for my workout today..and damn it opened up my eyes..lift heavy and after one a half hour of lifting..I wanted to continue still..but hafta work haha.. Great flavor,no crash and I was pumped in the gym. Tried the green apple crush if not mistaken. Overall a recommended pre workout supplement (Posted on 12/25/13)
Works!Review by Jem
Keeps you alert during workouts and gives you more energy (even afterwards)

Downside is that there's quite a lot of caffeine in this product, which made me unable to sleep for about 12hrs after consumption (But, I hardly take caffeine so I'm probably more sensitive to it).

However that also means it's great when you're feeling lazy or tired!
Would recommend this for morning to early afternoon training sessions.

Taste wise not too bad, I took Green Apple and it smells great! But a bit sweet and occasionally I feel a bit bloated, possibly because I drank it too fast and too close to my workout. (Posted on 11/30/13)
Good preworkoutReview by Sunny
Honestly i tried it and there is significant changes which is good . The taste must be improved and its the taste which took a star away ! (Posted on 11/30/13)
4 starsReview by Bry
Very good product! You can definitely feel the pump plus the extra power! Highly recommended.

Taste : "Fruit Punch" It tasted like fruity bubblegum!

Downside : Some clumps but not that much.

All in all. 4 stars! (Posted on 11/1/13)
Great EnergyReview by TOPdev
Bought 1 Green apple crush to try after much consideration, it really does give you a lot more energy to finish your gym session as compared to not using it.. the only thing is the flavor is not to my taste, it does smell and taste like green apple however kinda leave a bitter after taste for me.. would recommend this for ppl that want to go long during gym..

p.s remember to read the instructions!! (Posted on 10/22/13)
Good pump and energyReview by Keith
Great product with no energy crash, good pump from product. (Posted on 8/28/13)
leave humanity behind!Review by Animal
Awesome much like jack3d! I can feel it rushing to my veins. Muscle pumped! (Posted on 7/9/13)
Good preworkout~Review by Nigga
good focus and energy for powering thru workouts. decent pump too~ (Posted on 7/1/13)
Best preworkout I've triedReview by Beast
Amazing focus and pump (Posted on 6/11/13)
2 sentence to said it.Review by Jizu
1) Amazing Flavour.

2) Feel lazy and weak ?? Damn this product works well with just one scoop.

As Rich Piana let the mucsles pump and burns!

I'm Loving it! (Posted on 3/14/13)

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