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Ruckus Pre-workout

25 Serves

Code: M009-0007

MTS Nutrition Ruckus is a stimulant/caffeine and muscle pump based pre-workout supplement.



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Anybody who is looking for increases in energy and muscular endurance during their workouts.

Betaine Nitrate NO3-T®- 1.5g: This is used to reduce the oxygen required to exercise from the increase in efficiency of mitochondria.

ElevATP™: Made from apple extract and ancient peat (fossilised plants) it triggers an increase in ATP levels in the body. A similar effect that creatine has on the muscle. This will help with muscle power and muscular endurance.

How do I take it?

MTS Ruckus is taken 30-60 minutes before your workout. The serving is 2 scoops with 250ml to 300ml of water. If you are new to pre-workout supplements or your caffeine tolerance is low, we suggest taking 1/2 a scoop first and working your way up. Make sure you eat 1 hour before taking MTS Ruckus.

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