3D Calibar 900 Badminton Racket

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Code: L005-B014

Badminton Racket Specification

Colour: Grey/Gold
Weight: W2 (83g)
Grip Size: S2
Shaft: Medium Stiff
Tension: Up to 30lbs

3D Calibar 900 Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket String

Badminton Racket String Tension

Badminton Racket Grip


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The 3D CALIBAR-900 badminton racket is built on the 3D Calibar Technology Platform and features a high-tech, geometric badminton racket frame design that greatly reduces air resistance. It produces faster swing speeds for bigger smashes and gains outstanding reviews from strong players that are looking for maximum power.

Li-Ning DRIVE Series badminton rackets feature a stiffer shaft and highly elastic head design for rapid repulsion power. Suitable for fast players that are skilled in switching quickly between offence and defense. 

The 3D Caliber Technology Platform uses a 3-digit numbering system.The first digit determines the grade of the racket as follows:

  • If the first digit is 1, 2 or 3, the racket is suitable for beginners.
  • If the first digit is 4, 5 or 6, the racket is suitable for intermediate players.
  • If the first digit is 7, 8 or 9, the racket is suitable for advanced players.

Strings is not included

Military-Grade Carbon Fiber


No.1 Series Badminton string with high repulsion power.

- The thin string with only 0.65mm diameter, providing high repulsion power plus clear hitting sound.
- Using heat-resistant & high intensity fabric for both inner and outer plus Li-Ning 3D KNIT technology making the string more durable compared to others with the same diameter
- Moderate hitting feeling

Made in Japan

Core: Heat Resistant and High Intensity Nylon Multifilament

Outer: Heat Resistant and High Intensity Nylon

No. 3 Series Ultra thin gauge string with high repulsion power

- A breakthrough of 0.63mm with ultra thin fiber outer provides excellent elasticity and hitting sound.
- The coating can fully absorb the impact force. Which ensures a comfortable hitting feeling while swinging the racket. 
- Moderate hitting feeling.

Made in Japan

Core: Heat Resistant and High Intensity Nylon Multifilament
Outer: Heat Resistant and High Intensity Nylon


Replacement Grip For Rackets

Made with Polyurethane

Badminton Racket Technologies:

Wing Stabiliser

Introducing aviation technology to control the frame restoration precisely and restrain shake resulting from vibration waves. Li-Ning Wing Stabilise System could improve the anti-torsion performance and bring a quick, exact and stable second stroke.

MPCF Reinforcing Technology

Multi-layer carbon fibers plus exquisite handcraft to strengthen the racket, avoid wrinkles caused by machine processing, improve intensity and durability, and extend service life.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame

The Sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe smash by dynamic-optimum frame. The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.

Aero Tec-Beam System

Based on aerodynamics, support of advanced calculation and gathered practicing data, the racket frames have extreme low drag coefficient and high intensity to enable the player's performance in various shorts.

TB Nano

The nanometer technology combines the carbon fiber and resin more closely, which provides better elasticity, stability and durability and brings you a more powerful striking.

Cubic Locking

Cubic grommet locked within the slim groove is more stable and could provide extra protection for string, effectively absorb shock to get an accurate placement, improve controlling performance.

Stabilised Elastic Shaft

Aramid fiber is a kind of material with high strength, high modulus, good elasticity and toughness. It is main material of body armour and helmet. The slim shaft was filled with aramid fiber, which effectively reduces the amplitude and avoid sports injury.


By changing shaft folding area, upwarding racket bending point, quickening rebound speed, the rackets could return to position quickly and ready for the continuous attack.

Stabilised Torsion Angle

Stabalised Torsion Angle could improve the torsion resistance performance of the racket, the frame will be stabilised quickly even hitting point departed from sweetpoint. It helps to create high-quality strike, make the attack more effective.

UHB Shaft

Cutting-edge technological combined with real data collected from player's practice, optimised shaft's performance through continuous improvement. The racket shaft with frontal bending point is accomplished, that greatly improve smash performance.

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