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A highly assimilable Calcium Citrate formula in powder form, which allows better absorption and is useful for building strong bones and teeth.

Manufactured in Taiwan.


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Think of our bones as a calcium bank, where we can only deposit calcium till the age of 30. By then, we would have reached our Peak Bone Mass and our calcium bank cannot increase its calcium savings further.

This does not mean that the intake of calcium is no longer needed. In fact, it becomes even more important for us to meet our daily calcium requirement.

Because our body loses calcium daily.

If daily calcium intake is not met,
your body will start taking calcium from your bones instead!

The list above is not exhaustive and there are many other consequences of calcium deficiency. In order to prevent calcium deficiency, you will first need to know exactly how much calcium do you need every day.

The minimum amount of calcium adults need to meet everyday is 800mg.

Assuming they drink 1 packet of milk (200ml) per day, that’s 200mg* of calcium.

They will need a total of 4 packets of milk to fulfill their daily requirement!

That’s an additional 371kcal, which is more than a cheeseburger! Finding other sources of calcium rich food or supplements with lesser calories could be a healthier alternative.

* Based on typical calcium content found in whole fresh milk.

Do you also know that your bones need more than just calcium to be strong?

A common misconception is that calcium is all you need to get healthy bones. However, there are other nutrients and lifestyle habits that are essential to build strong bones.

blocks for
healthy bones

Vitamin D

Children need it to build strong bones

Adults need it to keep bones strong and healthy

Without suffcient Vitamin D, your bones will break easily


90% of organic bone mass

10g of collagen peptides intake daily can increase bone mass density


Enables body to absorb an adequate amount of calcium

May suppress a hormone which breaks down bone

Ideal intake should be in a ratio of 2 Calcium : 1 Magnesium

There are various sources to obtain suffcient nutrients from.


Sources of calcium

Dairy Products

Milk and

Dark green and leafy vegetables

Kale, spinach, and ladies fingers

Calciumfortified products

Milk and cheese

Calcium supplements

Easily available if you are unable to meet your daily calcium needs from the food you eat


You can either consume collagen peptides or take in nutrients that enhance collagen production.


Placenta, Bird nest, and Pig’s trotters

Vitamin C

A precursor to collagen production, we need it to produce collagen


Collagen peptides for consumption are readily available. Among all, fish collagen peptides are the easiest to be absorbed into our body

Vitamin D

Sources of Vitamin D


Naturally produced in skin in response to sunlight. However, excessive UV exposure increases the risk of skin cancer


Fatty fish, e.g. salmon and tuna. Fortified milk, e.g. soy milk and cereals


If you are unable to get enough vitamin D from sunlight or food, it is best to meet your daily requirement with supplements


Sources of magnesium


Almonds, cashews, buckwheat, molasses, Brazil nuts, kelp, pecans, and dulse


Supplements are a good way to make up for a lack of magnesium in the body

Today, most of our meals consist of processed or refined food, which may result in a shortage of nutrients in our bodies.

In order to meet the nutrients we require for healthy bones, supplements are a good way to fulfill the daily nutrient requirements.

LAC FULLCAL™ is specially formulated to enhance bone health.

A highly assimilable calcium citrate powder formula to build strong bones and teeth

Optimal 2 Calcium : 1 Magnesium ratio helps improve bone building and maintenance

Increases bone and teeth density

Magnesium improves body's use of calcium while supporting healthy nerve and muscle function

High-grade fish collagen peptides help to support overall skeletal health

Vitamin C helps to enhance collagen production

LAC FULLCAL™ is suitable for busy people on-the-go, and individuals who have difficulty or dislike swallowing pills.


You ‘lose’ bones as you age

We are born with about 300 bones but end up with just 206 bones eventually. This is because many bones, like those in your skull, fuse together as you grow.



At the ends of our arms and legs, there are growth plates. As long as they stay open, our bones continue to grow. For boys, these plates close during the late teenage years. For girls, the plates close within 2 years after their first menstruation.


Exercise to be sturdy as a rock

Our bones stop taking in calcium at about the age of 30. Bone density starts decreasing and to stop that, we have to exercise on top of consuming nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D.


Breaking bones to strengthen them

Most martial artists damage their bone surfaces during their training. These surfaces knit together to form a new bone and sometimes, the new bone is even stronger!


The number of bones in your hands

There are 54 bones in our hands, making it the body part that has the most number of bones. These bones in our hands, fingers and wrists allow us to perform many functions like playing the piano, writing and typing messages.


More than just a structure

Together, our bones help us move, protect our organs, generate blood cells, and even help to store and regulate minerals.

Calcium (as Calcium Citrate) 200 mg 8,000mg
Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide) 100 mg 4,000 mg
Vitamin C 20 mg 800 mg
Collagen (Fish) 35 mg 1,400 mg
Vitamin E 5 IU 200 IU
Vitamin D3 50 IU 2,000 IU

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

† Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Sucrose, Erythritol, Lemon Juice, Fructooligosaccharides, Trehalose, Lemon Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Lemon Flavour and Peppermint Flavour.


As a health supplement, take 1 stick on its own, with water or your favourite beverage, 3 to 4 times daily. For maximum benefits, consume with or after meals.

Serving Size: 1 Stick (2.5g)

Servings per Container: 60

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