Double Wheel Exerciser

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Product details of Kettler KAL 421000 Double Wheel Exerciser

  • Helps muscle performance
  • Maintain and improve body fitness
  • Train muscle strength and endurance
  • Equipped with rubber and foam grip on the handle


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Development, maintenance and increase of body fitness. This training equipment offers training possibilities for strength and endurance training

How to exercise with a double Wheel Exerciser

Because using the ab wheel can be challenging, here are some key safety points to keep in mind when doing the exercises.

Avoid arching your lower back as you roll out. You can tell if this is happening if you begin to feel a slight pinching in your lower back. This can be avoided by shortening your roll and/or doing the roll on your knees while pulling in your lower abs.

Keep your head down in neutral position with your chin slightly tucked during the roll. This will help protect your lower back and neck.

Beginner and Advanced Variations:

Many ab wheel roll-out exercises are very challenging for beginners. This is because it takes time to build a solid core foundation capable of supporting our full bodyweight when we do a roll-out.

Beginners will want to start by doing simple ab wheel planks (the first exercise below) until they feel ready to advance to the knee roll-out, and then finally full roll-outs and other advanced variations.

If you feel your form slipping at any time during roll-outs (such as arching your back), lower the intensity by dropping to your knees.

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