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What are JGR Enzymes?

JGR Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts within living cells. These Catalysts increase the rate at which chemical reactions occur without being consumed or permanently altered themselves. Chemical Reaction is a process that converts one or more substances (known as reagents, reactants, or substrates) to another type of substance (the product). As a catalyst, an enzyme can facilitate the same chemical reaction over and over again.

Each sachet contains the most needed Vitamins (organic compounds) that are essential in very small (trace) amounts for the maintenance of normal metabolism. In fact, most coenzymes are vitamins or are derived from vitamins. Enzymes and Coenzymes work together to give you effective results.

Now, Probiotics are bonuses.


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Take one packet a day and drink with warm/cold water. After consumption, drink plenty of fluid. It is recommended to drink 2000cc of water per day.

Net content: 5 g / pack x 7 packs

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JIGUIREN was founded in Singapore back in 2014 to produce newly formulated health supplements. Headquartered in TSL 101 Building, the company commercialises in 2018, entering Singapore, Taiwan, China and neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

JIGUIREN’s mission is to advocate “Healthy, Natural, Organic and Effective” supplements to improve our digestive system, protection for skin, purification of blood and defend against our aging process.

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