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16 Servings

Code: I006-0004

  • 100% WPI
  • 2 Carbs
  • 90 Cals
  • 20g Protein


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ISOPURE INFUSIONS™ is not your typical milkshake-like protein powder. It is a refreshingly light fruit flavored experience that delivers the protein you want without all the unnecessary ingredients you don’t. Give ISOPURE INFUSIONS™ a vigorous shake and watch 20 grams of 100% whey protein isolate infuse into a colorfully translucent, refreshing drink right before your eyes. And what you see is what you get: 5 ingredients, no fat or added sugars** and only 90 calories** per scoop. No artificial flavors or colors and sweetened only with stevia leaf extract. Simple, powerful, and delicious.

Fun Tip: Let your creative juices flow and create your own infusion. Combine different ISOPURE INFUSIONS ™ flavors to create your own new flavor or boost your infusion with ISOPURE ANYTIME ENERGY™ or ISOPURE AMINOS™ for added performance benefits (visit for more product information and recipes).

Why Use: To support muscle building and recovery. To help meet your daily protein intake goals.

When to use: First thing in the morning, before or after exercise, anytime.

Directions For Isopure Infusions: Shake (don't stir) 1 scoop of ISOPURE INFUSIONS™ in 10-12 fl oz of cold water (with or without ice). After shaking, wait about a minute for the natural foaming to settle and then watch as it gradually clarifies into a colorfully translucent and refreshing protein beverage.

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We're for people who are driven to do more. People who want protein that's pure, and perfect. The best your body can get. Tha's what we do - make the absolute finest fuel, to bring your strongest fight. Every day. We aim for the highest standards. Beyond quality. This is protein with taste.



Isopure and Nature's Best were started by two guys named Hal and Ernie with a cement mixer and an idea to make things better. To be solvers of people's problems - active people who want protein to help them be their most awesome. For more than 30 years, we've been working to make products that offer the cleanest, purest, and most perfect protein around.

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