550RBE Recumbent Bike

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ECO Power Saving During workout, bike will utilise power generated from workout effort as opposed to power supply

On-line Service™ Smart machine automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Capability Supports On-line Service™ 

USB Connectivity For customised workout, workout results, personal settings, multimedia, On-line ServiceTM, manual software upgrade

OptiTrain™ "Bike mode allows users to workout at a fixed resistance level regardless of pedal speed.

Power mode allows users to workout at a fixed workload measured in watts.

Display Type Industrial grade 15'' TFT touch screen display for longer life time

iPhone + iPod Connectivity Access and play personal playlists and video from the touch screen

Headphone Jack 3.5mm Stereo

Screen Saver Upload messages or commercial advertisements to be displayed during stand-by

Heart Rate Monitoring "Polar coded wireless telemetry technology - heart rate receiver built in (heart rate transmitter strap required)

Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability"

Delivery & Installation

- Product delivery and installation will be carried out by F1 Recreation for Life Fitness products. 

- Delivery and installation timing will be between 7pm to 9pm, on Mondays to Fridays.

- F1 Recreation will be contacting you within 14 working days upon receiving your order information from Fitlion, to arrange the delivery and installation.

- There will be no additional charges, as the installation and delivery are included in the price listed. Please note that we will need to know the access of the client's place, ie: will there be stairs to the location; which floor is it on; is there lift access, etc. As our gym equipment are heavy and we will need to plan accordingly.

Exchanges, Returns & Refunds

- There will strictly be no exchanges, returns and refunds upon order confirmation.

*For after sales follow up (product servicing and maintenance), please call F1 Recreation's main office at 6846 7666 and look for the After Sales Department.

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