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As women, we've all dreamt of having radiant and even-toned skin. Unfortunately, living in a tropical country exposes us to extremely high amounts of UV rays which often results in dark spots and loss of collagen.

Lumina was formulated to target these issues.


Is Lumina sour?

We have performed a special procedures to reduce the acidity from the Emerald Lemon extract so that it's less sour and gentle on your stomach and teeth.

Can our bodies produce SOD?

All living things produce SOD. But our internal supply decreases after the age of 25. Other lifestyle factors such as environmental pollution, stress, smoking etc. will also deplete our SOD reserves. This is why we are prone to fatigue, illness, loss of skin elasticity after 25 years of age.

Does taking LUMINA result in dependency?

LUMINA is 100% natural and does not contain any stimulants. Therefore, it does not cause dependency. However, you might be so in love with the results that Lumina will soon become essential to your daily routine. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

On a more serious note, long-term use of Lumina will improve your immunity and skin condition due to its powerful antioxidants.

Lumina contains the highest level of SODs that I’ve ever seen on the market. Is it safe?

All our products undergo strict toxicology evaluation and have cleared safety tests so you can be assured of no side effects. Furthermore, our products are 100% natural and all unused SODs will be excreted by our bodies as waste.

I’ve never heard of Golden Yeast. Can it be consumed on a daily basis?

Golden Yeast originated from Japan and is classified as a quasi-drug - the highest level of prestige that can be achieved by any functional food ingredient. This means that not only does it have to pass safety requirements, it also needs to have proven effectiveness. Golden Yeast is also an FDA-approved food ingredient.

What's the maximum number of sachets that I can consume each day?

As Lumina is a natural food product, there is no recommended maximum dosage. However, Golden Yeast extract is high in Vitamin B so individuals with liver issues should not consume more than 2 sachets per day.

As always, consult a medical professional if you are unsure.

Emerald Lemon, Beta Glucan, Golden Yeast


  • Every morning, dissolve 1 sachet of Lumina into 300 ml of room temperature water. Drink immediately for best results.
  • If needed, can take 1 sachet each in the morning and before bed.

Each box contains 14 sachets.

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