Gordon Song


Gordon is an audit and risk management professional. He first started working out when he was rowing for National Junior College. Upon enlisting in National Service, he started training for bodybuilding and finished First Runner-Up at the First Nationals (U-21 Catergory).  He went on to compete at the Asian Bodybuilding Championships where he came in an impressive 5th in a line-up of solid competitors from Taiwan, Korea and Pakistan. After a short break, he then competed and took home the championships for Musclebeach and Musclewar. 

After he started work as a risk consultant, he stopped training entirely to accomodate his hectic work schedule. Furthermore, the birth of his 2 beautiful children made parenthood an added excuse to not train. However, that all changed in 2012 when his wife got into the nutrition, beauty and weight management industry and helped reignite in him the passion to get in shape again. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Gordon's goal in life is to be a well-balanced individual - a successful professional; an inspiring athlete; a responsible husband; and a role model to his two lovely children.

Gordon's 5 Golden Rules

1) Leave everything at the gym - no holding back, no shortcuts, no excuses!
2) Confuse your body - change your routines, volume, poundages etc!
3) Be flexible - adapt and modify your workout according to how much time you have, which gym you are at, how you feel that day etc!
4) Set and track your goals - weight gain, body fat loss, how you look and feel, poundage and intensity, etc!
5) Protect your joints - it's not sissy to wear guards, belts and straps if you're hauling major iron. If you're in this for the long run, don't be a hero!


Meal 1:
1 scoop Whey Protein with Glutamine
150g oatmeal with 2 spoons sugar-free fruit preserve
6 Whole eggs OR 1 can Tuna

Meal 2:
300g Chicken breast
150g Sweet potato or Broccoli 

Meal 3:
300g Chicken breast
150g Sweet potato or Broccoli  

Meal 4:
300g Minced lean beef
150g Broccoli or Quinoa

Intra-Workout: BCAA Drink

Post Workout: 2 scoops Whey Protein with Creatine

Meal 5:
300g Salmon
150g Broccoli or Green vegetables

Meal 6:
6 Egg whites
1 scoop of Whey Protein with Glutamine

Gordon doesn't have many cheat meals, but he does enjoy the occasional handful of truffle chips or bowl of green tea cold soba on heavy training days. He also adds tomato sauce to his eggs because he believes dieting doesn't have to equate to tasteless meals!


Gordon's training regimes revolves around the belief of listening to his body. He mixes up heavy compound lifts with training sessions of isolated movements to keep his body guessing and manipulate training intensity. 

Generally, Gordon:
1) trains every body part twice a week
2) trains calves every alternate day 
3) trains abs every workout but just with just 2 exercises of 3 sets each
4) tries to run outdoors during the offseason but alternates that with the Stairmaster to keep his joints healthy