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Personal Nutrition Consultation Package

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1 Session of Personal Nutrition + 1 Session of In-Depth Body Diagnostics (SECA)

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You needn’t deprive yourself of your favorite food in order to eat healthily. What you need is a varied and balanced diet. One of Fitness Factory's founders, Joan Liew, is herself a sports nutrition specialist who can provide you with the proper nutritional guidance.

Your current eating habits will also be analysed for specific areas for improvement, enabling us to formulate meal plans that will meet your target. At suitable intervals, we will review your progress and make the necessary adjustments to bring you to your goal.

Body Composition Analysis
Body composition, or fat vs. fat-free (lean) mass has long been considered one of the best determinants of health status, disease prediction and a person’s overall health. Body composition reflects the results of a person’s physical activity and nutritional practices and an assessment can be the first step to regaining your optimal health and well-being. Solely using body weight can be misleading because a scale can’t tell the difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle. However, a body composition test will reveal important shifts in fat mass, muscle mass and hydration levels which a scale cannot do.

A body composition analysis is the best way for you to understand and see the “whole picture” of what’s really going on in your body, and to then make changes leading towards better nutrition, exercise and health & wellness.

It only takes 30 seconds.

Obtain a better understanding of your state of health and fitness through measuring your body fat percentage.
Identify your body’s ability to burn calories and increase your resting energy expenditure by determining your percentage of muscle mass.
Knowing your phase angle helps you determine if you are properly recovering between workouts or personal training sessions.
Monitoring your fluids is important to prevent dehydration and to maximize your individual performance.
We provide our you with the most comprehensive body composition testing on the market!

Experience a cutting-edge bioelectrical impedance analysis with the seca mBCA. Our non-invasive assessment provides an in-depth analysis measuring fat and fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass, visceral adipose tissue, intra and extra-cellular water, all at a clinical level of precision. Distinguish between muscle gain and fat loss and understand the real health benefits even when your weight remains the same.

Each Package would be inclusive of:
1) 1x Personal Nutrition Consultation Session (1 hour)
2) 1x Session of In-Depth Body Diagnostics (30 mins to 1 hour)

You would be contacted within 2-3 business days for an appointment by Fitness Factory upon your purchase.

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