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Premium Honey from Western Australia, delicious and 100% accredited organic.Natural Sweetener, Boost Immunity, Energy Production, Aids Digestion


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Fewsters Farm Organic Honey is gathered from the ancient forests and bushlands of Western Australia since 1916, a 100 year practice. Our bee hives are shifted to different locations depending on the time of the year and what honey is available. The Organic Honey is made with a variety of flowers in that area and have a strong delicious notes of Jarrah. Our honey is transported from the hive back to our central extracting facility at Muchea where the honey is removed from the honey comb in a extremely modern and clean environment. Fewsters Farm organic honey is fully accredited by the Organic Food Chain group. It has a nice pale color prized for the taste and health benefits this brings. Fewsters Farm organic honey is 100 % pure honey , no preservatives or artificial colors , no sugar added.

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Brothers John and Robert Fewster came from England to Western Australia in 1892 to work in the gold mining industry. In 1898 they founded Fewster’s Farm in Muchea. Soon after John’s wife and three children joined him. Robert started a market garden from the farm.

The brothers first started beekeeping in 1916. Robert Fewster, a civil engineer, left several hives he had been given on the farm before going to South Australia to oversee the construction of drains and irrigation lines.

Beekeeping soon became agood source of income for 4 of the 6 Fewster sons-Nelson, Vince, Norman and Jim, (Kim Fewster’s grandfather). The beekeeping process then was similar to what it is now. Honey was collected from the ancient forests and bush land close to the farm. Then as transport became more modern, the Fewster’s would venture to Pemberton, for the much prized Karri honey and even as far as the gold fields.

Today the tradition lives on with Kim Fewster, a fourth generation beekeeper. Kim’s drive is continuing the tradition of gathering and providing premium quality Western Australian honey along with a focus on maintaining the old and natural ways of collecting, extracting and bottling honey with a fully accredited organic honey range.

“We hope you enjoy our honey, as pure and natural as the Western Australia environment & bees”
-Kim Fewster

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